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[general ideas about conditionals]

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Modal logic began with translation difficulties for 'If...then' [Lewis,CI, by Girle]
In nearby worlds where A is true, 'if A,B' is true or false if B is true or false [Stalnaker]
A conditional probability does not measure the probability of the truth of any proposition [Lewis, by Edgington]
Validity can preserve certainty in mathematics, but conditionals about contingents are another matter [Edgington]
It is a mistake to think that conditionals are statements about how the world is [Edgington]
Three conditionals theories: Materialism (material conditional), Idealism (true=assertable), Nihilism (no truth) [Burgess]
It is doubtful whether the negation of a conditional has any clear meaning [Burgess]
Strict conditionals imply counterfactual conditionals: □(A⊃B)⊃(A□→B) [Williamson]
The standard view of conditionals is that they are truth-functional [Read]
The point of conditionals is to show that one will accept modus ponens [Read]
Some people even claim that conditionals do not express propositions [Read]