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28. God / A. Divine Nature / 1. God

[existence and role of a supreme being]

9 ideas
Brahma, supreme god and protector of the universe, arose from the ocean of existence [Anon (Upan)]
Beside me there is no God [Isaiah]
Everything, including the gods, comes from me, says Krishna [Anon (Bhag)]
When things were unified, Mind set them in order [Anaxagoras]
Anaxagoras was the first to say that the universe is directed by an intelligence [Anaxagoras, by Cicero]
There is a remote first god (the Good), and a second god who organises the material world [Numenius, by O'Meara]
The key question for Spinoza is: is his God really a God? [Stewart,M on Spinoza]
God is the ideal end of the mature mind's final development [Green,TH]
The concept of 'God' represents a turning away from life, and a critique of life [Nietzsche]