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11. Knowledge Aims / A. Knowledge / 4. Belief / c. Aim of beliefs

[the purpose or aim of beliefs]

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It is impossible to believe something which is held to be false [Plato]
Opinion is praised for being in accordance with truth [Aristotle]
No one has mere belief about something if they think it HAS to be true [Aristotle]
We aim to dissolve our fears, by understanding their causes [Epicurus]
Our intellect only assents to what we believe to be true [William of Ockham]
The feeling of belief shows a habit which will determine our actions [Peirce]
We are entirely satisfied with a firm belief, even if it is false [Peirce]
We want true beliefs, but obviously we think our beliefs are true [Peirce]
A mere question does not stimulate a struggle for belief; there must be a real doubt [Peirce]
A 'belief' is a habit which determines how our imagination and actions proceed [Peirce]
We act on 'full belief' in a crisis, but 'opinion' only operates for trivial actions [Peirce]
Every belief is a considering-something-true [Nietzsche]
Moore's Paradox: you can't assert 'I believe that p but p is false', but can assert 'You believe p but p is false' [Moore,GE, by Lowe]
Beliefs are maps by which we steer [Ramsey]
The belief that fire burns is like the fear that it burns [Wittgenstein]
Our beliefs are about things, not propositions (which are the content of the belief) [Searle]
A belief is a commitment to truth [Searle]
We can't understand something as a lie if beliefs aren't commitment to truth [Searle]
We strongly desire to believe what is true, even though logic does not require it [Harman]
Maybe knowledge is belief which 'tracks' the truth [Nozick, by Williams,M]
To 'accept' a theory is not to believe it, but to believe it empirically adequate [Fraassen, by Bird]
Belief aims at knowledge (rather than truth), and mere believing is a kind of botched knowing [Williamson]
Our beliefs are meant to fit the world (i.e. be true), where we want the world to fit our desires [Engel]
If the only aim is to believe truths, that justifies recklessly believing what is unsupported (if it is right) [Conee/Feldman]
Some claim that indicative conditionals are believed by people, even though they are not actually held true [Horsten]