Combining Texts

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1     Magna Carta
1     The Putney Debates
Peter Abelard
8     works
Deborah Achtenberg
1     Cognition of Value in Aristotle's Ethics
Robert Merrihew Adams
12     Primitive Thisness and Primitive Identity
1     Actualism and Thisness
Theodor W. Adorno
1     works
1     Negative Dialectics
T Adorno / M Horkheimer
2     Dialectic of Enlightenment
1     Pyrrhonian Arguments (frags)
1     The Eumenides
1     plays (frags)
6     fragments/reports
Kevin Aho
8     Existentialism: an introduction
Albert of Saxony
1     On 'Generation and Corruption'
3     On 'Physics'
Leon Battista Alberti
1     De Re Aedificatoria
Albertus Magnus
1     On Minerals
1     On 'Generation and Corruption'
1     fragments/reports
1     On Aristotle's Metaphysics Book 2
Peter Alexander
6     Ideas, Qualities and Corpuscles
Samuel Alexander
2     works
1     Space, Time and Deity (2 vols)
Joseph Almog
12     Nature Without Essence
1     30: Book of Amos
1     comedies (frags)
23     fragments/reports
1     fragments/reports
8     fragments/reports
1     fragments/reports
C. Anthony Anderson
9     Identity and Existence in Logic
Peter A. Angeles
1     A Dictionary of Philosophy
Julia Annas
8     The Morality of Happiness
4     Ancient Philosophy: very short introduction
Anon (Bhag)
12     The Bhagavad Gita
Anon (Cent)
8     Centring
Anon (Dan)
1     27: Book of Daniel
Anon (Dham)
8     The DhammaPada
Anon (Diss)
9     Dissoi Logoi - on Double Arguments
Anon (Ecc)
5     21: Book of Ecclesiastes
Anon (Gilg)
1     The Epic of Gilgamesh
Anon (Job)
1     18: Book of Job
Anon (Josh)
1     06: Book of Joshua
Anon (Kings)
1     11: Book of Kings 1
Anon (Lev)
1     03: Book of Leviticus
Anon (Par)
5     The Condemnation of 1277
Anon (Plat)
1     Alcibiades
Anon (Titus)
1     17: Epistle to Titus
Anon (Tor)
3     01: Book of Genesis
Anon (Upan)
18     The Upanishads
G.E.M. Anscombe
1     Intention
3     Modern Moral Philosophy
1     The Intentionality of Sensation
6     Causality and Determinism
9     Proslogion
1     De Veritate (On Truth)
4     fragments/reports
Antisthenes (Ath)
5     fragments/reports
G. Aldo Antonelli
10     Non-Monotonic Logic
Thomas Aquinas
1     Sentences
1     On Aristotle's 'Metaphysics'
4     Quodlibeta
2     Disputed questions about truth
3     Summa Contra Gentiles
61     Summa Theologicae
14     De Ente et Essentia (Being and Essence)
1     Sententia on 'De Caelo'
1     On the spiritual perfection of life
1     Quaestiones de anima
1     Quaestiones de Potentia Dei
1     Sententia on 'Posterior Analytics'
17     Quaestiones Disputatae de Malo
1     Super Epistolam Pauli Apostoli
1     fragments/reports
2     fragments/reports
1     fragments/reports
Hannah Arendt
2     The Origins of Totalitarianism
Aristippus the elder
6     fragments/reports
Aristippus the younger
8     fragments/reports
3     fragments/reports
17     The Art of Rhetoric
2     The Poetics
1     The Parts of Animals
3     The History of Animals
94     Physics
12     On the Heavens
25     Coming-to-be and Passing-away (Gen/Corr)
227     Nichomachean Ethics
1     Protrepticus (frags)
29     Eudemian Ethics
115     Politics
41     Categories
7     Sophistical Refutations
34     Topics
19     On Interpretation
25     works
33     De Anima
15     Prior Analytics
71     Posterior Analytics
335     Metaphysics
David M. Armstrong
5     A Materialist Theory of Mind (Rev)
2     Belief Truth and Knowledge
7     A Theory of Universals
1     Nominalism and Realism
3     Against 'Ostrich Nominalism'
35     What is a Law of Nature?
1     The Nature of Possibility
8     Pref to new 'Materialist Theory'
14     Universals
1     Universals and Particulars
5     A World of States of Affairs
1     Two Problems for Essentialism
31     Truth and Truthmakers
2     A Combinatorial Theory of Possibility
17     Properties
Karen Armstrong
6     A History of God
Antoine Arnauld
1     Letters to Leibniz
Arnauld / Nicole
6     Logic (Port-Royal Art of Thinking)
Richard T.W. Arthur
2     Leibniz
3     Buddhacarita
3     Saundaranandakavya
Mary Astell
1     A Serious Proposal to the Ladies I
Paul Audi
12     Clarification and Defense of Grounding
Robert Audi
26     Epistemology: contemporary introduction
1     Action, Intention and Reason
3     City of God
22     Confessions
8     works
Marcus Aurelius
6     The Meditations (To Himself)
Peter Auriol
3     Sentences
John Austin
1     Lectures on Jurisprudence
J.L. Austin
2     Truth
1     A Plea for Excuses
1     Sense and Sensibilia
Averroes (Ibn Rushd)
1     Commentary on 'Physics'
Avicenna (Abu Ibn Sina)
4     Commentary on the Metaphysics
5     Intro to 'Communitarianism and Individualism'
Robert Axelrod
2     The Evolution of Co-Operation
A.J. Ayer
40     Language,Truth and Logic
2     The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge
7     Introduction to 'Language Truth and Logic'
2     Phenomenalism
7     On the analysis of moral judgements
6     The Problem of Knowledge
7     The Concept of a Person
13     The Central Questions of Philosophy
M.R. Ayers
15     Individuals without Sortals
Jody Azzouni
12     Deflating Existential Consequence
Kent Bach
3     The Emperor's New 'Knows'
21     What Does It Take to Refer?
Francis Bacon
10     The Advancement of Learning
1     Cogitata et Visa
2     Philosophical Studies 1611-19
3     Preface to Great Instauration (Renewal)
3     The New Organon
1     17: Of Superstition
John Bacon
4     Tropes
Roger Bacon
1     Opus Maius (major works)
Alain Badiou
24     Briefings on Existence
6     Mathematics and Philosophy: grand and little
J Baggini / PS Fosl
18     The Philosopher's Toolkit
Jim Baggott
3     Farewell to Reality: fairytale physics
James Baillie
1     Problems in Personal Identity
Sarah Bakewell
2     At the Existentialist Café
Mikhail Bakunin
1     works
Jonathan Barnes
3     Commentary on 'Posterior Analytics
36     Intro to the Philosophy of Time
Jean Baudrillard
15     The Intelligence of Evil
1     works
Alexander Baumgarten
3     Aesthetica
Thomas Bayes
1     Essay on a Problem in the Doctrine of Chances
Tim Bayne
6     Thought: a very short introduction
George Bealer
5     Propositions
JC Beall / G Restall
8     Logical Consequence
23     Logical Pluralism
Monroe Beardsley
1     Aesthetics: problems in the philosophy of criticism
Simone de Beauvoir
1     Ethics of Ambiguity
1     The Second Sex
Isaac Beeckman
1     Journals
Clive Bell
3     Art
Nuel D. Belnap
1     Tonk, Plonk and Plink
1     Conditional Assertion and Restricted Quantification
Paul Benacerraf
4     Logicism, Some Considerations (PhD)
24     What Numbers Could Not Be
3     Mathematical Truth
José A. Benardete
26     Metaphysics: the logical approach
Jonathan Bennett
1     Kant's Analytic
7     Event Causation: counterfactual analysis
2     Events and Their Names
Karen Bennett
8     Supervenience
Jeremy Bentham
9     Intro to Principles of Morals and Legislation
2     Anarchical Fallacies: on the Declaration of Rights
1     Constitutional Code I
Richard Bentley
1     Matter and Motion Cannot Think
Henri Bergson
1     Time and Free Will
2     Matter and Memory
1     works
George Berkeley
32     The Principles of Human Knowledge
35     Three Dialogues of Hylas and Philonous
1     The Analyst
Isaiah Berlin
1     Two Concepts of Liberty
6     The Roots of Romanticism
1     The Sense of Reality
Paul Bernays
3     On Platonism in Mathematics
Bernecker / Dretske
10     Knowledge:Readings in Cont.Epist
Alex Betteridge
1     talk
Roy Bhaskar
1     A Realist Theory of Science
John Bigelow
1     The Reality of Numbers
1     Presentism and Properties
Ray Billington
1     talk
Alexander Bird
61     Philosophy of Science
33     Nature's Metaphysics
3     Causation and the Manifestation of Powers
Max Black
4     The Identity of Indiscernibles
Tim Black
2     Modal and Anti-Luck Epistemology
Simon Blackburn
1     Spreading the Word
2     Morals and Modals
4     Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
1     Précis of 'Ruling Passions'
1     Religion and Respect
Brand Blanshard
2     The Nature of Thought
Blasius of Parma
1     Les quaestiones de anima (lectures on the soul)
Ned Block
13     Troubles with Functionalism
1     Semantics, Conceptual Role
1     works
1     Inverted Earth
1     Librium de interpretatione editio secunda
1     Concerning the Trinity
1     Second Commentary on 'Isagoge'
21     The Consolations of Philosophy
Paul Boghossian
13     Analyticity Reconsidered
1     The Status of Content
Bernard Bolzano
9     Theory of Science (Wissenschaftslehre, 4 vols)
2     Paradoxes of the Infinite
2     Commentary on Sentences
Laurence Bonjour
7     Externalist Theories of Empirical Knowledge
8     The Structure of Empirical Knowledge
15     In Defence of Pure Reason
11     A Version of Internalist Foundationalism
George Boole
4     The Laws of Thought
George Boolos
1     The iterative conception of Set
7     On Second-Order Logic
11     To be is to be the value of a variable..
1     Iteration Again
1     Is Hume's Principle analytic?
10     Must We Believe in Set Theory?
David Bostock
72     Intermediate Logic
49     Philosophy of Mathematics
Stephen Boulter
8     Why Medieval Philosophy Matters
Nicholas Bourbaki
1     The Architecture of Mathematics
Craig Bourne
14     A Future for Presentism
Andrew Bowie
4     Introduction to German Philosophy
4     German Philosophy: a very short introduction
Richard Boyd
2     Homeostasis, Species and Higher Taxa
Robert Boyle
1     The Sceptical Chemist
2     Certain Physical Essays
10     The Origin of Forms and Qualities
F.H. Bradley
9     Appearance and Reality
1     Ethical Studies
R.B. Braithwaite
1     Scientific Explanation
1     Empiricist View of Religion
Robert B. Brandom
1     Making It Explicit
1     Articulating Reasons: Intro to Inferentialism
Michael Bratman
4     Intention, Plans, and Practical Reason
Richard Breheny
1     Letter to Clerk Maxwell
Franz Brentano
2     Psychology from an empirical standpoint
Bill Brewer
1     Perceptual experience has conceptual content
David O. Brink
6     Emotivism
C.D. Broad
5     Scientific Thought
1     Mind and Its Place in Nature
1     Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy
Baruch Brody
13     Identity and Essence
Berit Brogaard
1     Perceptual Content and Monadic Truth
Luitzen E.J. Brouwer
5     Intuitionism and Formalism
2     Mathematics, Science and Language
2     works
1     Consciousness, Philosophy and Mathematics
James Robert Brown
33     Philosophy of Mathematics
Giordano Bruno
1     works
Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)
3     reports
1     Papancasudani
Tyler Burge
1     Frege on Extensions from Concepts
1     Intellectual Norms and Foundations of Mind
1     Frege on Knowing the Third Realm
1     Content Preservation
1     Frege on Knowing the Foundations
1     Frege on Apriority
3     Frege on Apriority (with ps)
5     Philosophy of Mind: 1950-2000
John P. Burgess
6     Review of Chihara 'Struct. Accnt of Maths'
28     Philosophical Logic
JP Burgess / G Rosen
15     A Subject with No Object
Jean Buridan
4     Questions on Aristotle's Physics
1     talk
1     Questions on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics
Edmund Burke
1     Address to the Voters of Bristol
Michael Burke
8     Dion and Theon: an essentialist solution
Walter Burley
2     Commentary on 'Physics'
1     De formis
Myles F. Burnyeat
1     Aristotle on Learning to be Good
Joseph Butler
1     Fifteen Sermons
5     Analogy of Religion
1     works
Tim Button
9     The Limits of Reason
Jean Calvin
1     works
Ross P. Cameron
3     On the Source of Necessity
14     Truthmakers, Realism and Ontology
5     Intrinsic and Extrinsic Properties
9     Truthmaking for Presentists
Keith Campbell
14     The Metaphysic of Abstract Particulars
Albert Camus
14     The Myth of Sisyphus
George Cantor
2     Grundlagen (Foundations of Theory of Manifolds)
1     Later Letters to Dedekind
1     Beitrage
42     works
1     Review of Frege's 'Grundlagen'
2     The Theory of Transfinite Numbers
Herman Cappelen
2     Philosophy without Intuitions
19     The Inessential Indexical
6     Epistemology
James Cargile
1     Paradoxes: Form and Predication
Rudolph Carnap
2     The Logical Structure of the World (Aufbau)
2     The Logical Syntax of Language
1     Letters to Schlick
1     Testability and Meaning
1     Meaning and Necessity
11     Empiricism, Semantics and Ontology
1     Logical Foundations of Probability
1     Elimination of Metaphysics by Analysis of Language
10     fragments/reports
Lewis Carroll (C.Dodgson)
1     Through the Looking Glass
Peter Carruthers
3     Introducing Persons
Rita Carter
19     Mapping the Mind
Helen Cartwright
1     On Plural Reference and Set Theory
Nancy Cartwright
17     How the Laws of Physics Lie
1     The Dappled World
Richard Cartwright
1     Classes and Attributes
4     Some Remarks on Essentialism
2     Scattered Objects
2     Intro to 'Philosophical Essays'
10     Propositions
Quassim Cassam
6     Introduction to 'Self-Knowledge'
Albert Casullo
1     A priori/A posteriori
6     A Priori Knowledge
Augustin-Louis Cauchy
2     Cours d'Analyse
Margaret Cavendish
1     Philosophical Letters
2     On the True Doctrine (Against Christians)
Anjan Chakravarrty
6     Inessential Aristotle: Powers without Essences
David J.Chalmers
52     The Conscious Mind
2     Does Conceivability Entail Possibility?
2     Epistemic Two-Dimensional Semantics
1     Foundations of Two-Dimensional Semantics
Walter Charleton
1     Physiologia
John Charvet
27     Liberalism: the basics
Charles Chihara
1     Ontology and the Vicious Circle Principle
4     Constructibility and Mathematical Existence
17     A Structural Account of Mathematics
1     poems (frags)
Roderick Chisholm
6     Human Freedom and the Self
1     The Myth of the Given
1     Theory of Knowledge (2nd ed 1977)
2     Freedom and Action
2     Identity through Possible Worlds
32     Person and Object
1     A Realistic Theory of Categories
Noam Chomsky
2     Syntactic Structure
1     Aspects of the Theory of Syntax
1     Chomsky on himself
60     fragments/reports
Alonzo Church
1     A Note on the entscheidungsproblem
Paul M. Churchland
2     Eliminative Materialism and Prop. Attitudes
3     Folk Psychology
Churchland / Churchland
3     Recent Work on Consciousness
M. Tullius Cicero
7     Academica
20     On the Nature of the Gods ('De natura deorum')
3     On Duties ('De Officiis')
10     Tusculan Disputations
3     On Fate ('De fato')
1     On Divination ('De divinatione')
E.M. Cioran
47     A Short History of Decay
17     The Trouble with Being Born
Tom Clark
1     talk
A Clark / D Chalmers
5     The Extended Mind
4     fragments/reports
Brian Clegg
20     Infinity: Quest to Think the Unthinkable
James Van Cleve
2     Why coherence is not enough
William K. Clifford
1     works
Frank Close
18     Theories of Everything
Matthew Cobb
2     The Idea of the Brain
J. Alberto Coffa
5     The Semantic Tradition from Kant to Carnap
Paul J. Cohen
1     Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis
G.A. Cohen
5     Are Freedom and Equality Compatible?
L. Jonathan Cohen
1     The Problem of Natural Laws
Stewart Cohen
3     Contextualism Defended
5     Contextualism Defended (and reply)
R.G. Collingwood
3     The Principles of Art
Stephen S. Colvin
6     The Common-Sense View of Reality
Mark Colyvan
21     Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics
Juan Comesańa
3     Reliabilism
Auguste Comte
13     Intro to Positive Philosophy
1     Course of Positive Philosophy
Arthur Conan Doyle
1     The Sign of Four
Earl Conee
4     First Things First
2     Contextualism Contested
3     Contextualism Contested (and reply)
E Conee / R Feldman
2     Evidentialism
2     Introduction to 'Evidentialism'
Collegium Conimbricense
2     Aristotelian commentaries
Benjamin Constant
2     On Political Reactions
2     Principles of Politics
David Conway
5     Capitalism and Community
Edward Conze
1     Intros to 'Buddhist Scriptures'
R Cook / P Ebert
1     Notice of Fine's 'Limits of Abstraction'
David E. Cooper
13     Philosophy and the Nature of Language
John M. Cooper
1     Aristotle on Friendship
Irving M. Copi
6     Essence and Accident
Fabrice Correia
2     On the Reduction of Necessity to Essence
5     Grounding: an opinionated introduction
Richard Corry
5     Dispositional Essentialism Grounds Laws of Nature?
John Cottingham
3     The Rationalists
1     Reason, Emotions and Good Life
12     Substance and Individuation in Leibniz
Tim Crane
3     Causation
42     Elements of Mind
Crates (Theb)
2     fragments/reports
William Crathorn
1     Sentences
2     fragments/reports
Jason Crease
1     works
Max J. Cresswell
7     Modal Logic
Roger Crisp
2     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
Simon Critchley
10     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
4     Continental Philosophy - V. Short Intro
10     Impossible Objects: interviews
2     fragments/reports
1     fragments/reports
Benedetto Croce
1     Aesthetic as Science of Expression
1     The Essence of Aesthetic
Adam Cross
1     works
Ralph Cudworth
8     On Eternal and Immutable Morality
1     Treatise of Freewill
Richard Cumberland
6     De Legibus Naturae
Gregory Currie
1     An Ontology of Art
Haskell B. Curry
3     Remarks on the definition and nature of mathematics
Chris Daly
3     Tropes
Antonio Damasio
1     Looking for Spinoza
1     fragments/reports
Adam Dance
1     works
Jonathan Dancy
52     Intro to Contemporary Epistemology
4     Intuitionism
1     Ethics without Principles
Arthur C. Danto
1     The Artworld
1     The Artworld
Charles Darwin
1     The Origin of the Species
Marian David
12     Truth-making and Correspondence
Donald Davidson
7     Action, Reasons and Causes
3     The Logical Form of Action Sentences
5     Truth and Meaning
5     The Individuation of Events
1     True to the Facts
2     Semantics for Natural Languages
1     In Defence of Convention T
4     The Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme
8     Thought and Talk
2     The Method of Truth in Metaphysics
5     Reality without Reference
2     Intending
3     What Metaphors Mean
3     Intro to 'Essays on Actions and Events'
9     Coherence Theory of Truth and Knowledge
1     Knowing One's Own Mind
1     Problems in the Explanation of Action
3     Epistemology Externalized
1     The Structure and Content of Truth
7     Three Varieties of Knowledge
15     Davidson on himself
9     Truth Rehabilitated
7     Causal Relations
13     Mental Events
1     Freedom to Act
1     Replies to Critics
5     The Folly of Trying to Define Truth
32     Truth and Predication
1     The Material Mind
Brian Davies
13     Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
Stephen Davies
24     The Philosophy of Art (2nd ed)
Augustus De Morgan
1     works
2     On the Syllogism IV
Richard Dedekind
4     Continuity and Irrational Numbers
23     Nature and Meaning of Numbers
1     Letter to Weber
Gilles Deleuze
1     Nietzsche and Philosophy
12     A Conversation: what is it? What is it for?
1     The Actual and the Virtual
5     Difference and Repetition
3     Many Politics
G Deleuze / F Guattari
1     A Thousand Plateaus
14     What is Philosophy?
52     fragments/reports
Democritus (attrib)
24     reports
Daniel C. Dennett
2     Brainstorms:Essays on Mind and Psychology
10     Elbow Room: varieties of free will
2     works
1     Quining Qualia
24     Consciousness Explained
5     Daniel Dennett on himself
1     Darwin's Dangerous Idea
12     Kinds of Minds
8     Brainchildren
5     Sweet Dreams
Keith DeRose
6     The Case for Contextualism
Jacques Derrida
2     Implications
1     Of Grammatology
1     Semiology and Grammatology
2     Positions
3     later work
1     Différance
28     works
René Descartes
1     Rules for the Direction of the Mind
3     The World
1     Letters to Voetius
2     Letters to Regius
7     works
1     Letters to Antoine Arnauld
1     unfinished dialogue
22     A Discourse on Method
3     Letters to Mersenne
115     Meditations
5     Reply to Fifth Objections
3     Reply to First Objections
1     Reply to Second Objections
1     Reply to Fourth Objections
3     Reply to Sixth Objections
1     Letter to Mersenne
3     Comments on a Certain Broadsheet
23     Principles of Philosophy
4     Preface to 'Principles of Philosophy'
6     The Passions of the Soul
2     Two letters on mind
Michael Devitt
3     'Ostrich Nominalism' or 'Mirage Realism'?
3     There is no a Priori
2     There is No A Priori (and reply)
4     Resurrecting Biological Essentialism
3     Natural Kinds and Biological Realism
Keith Devlin
13     Goodbye Descartes
John Dewey
6     The Middle Works (15 vols, ed Boydston)
1     works
1     The Quest for Certainty
11     The Later Works (17 vols, ed Boydston)
1     On the Soul (frags)
George Dickie
1     The Myth of the Aesthetic Attitude
1     The New Institutional Theory of Art
1     Introduction to Aesthetics
Denis Diderot
1     works
Kenelm Digby
2     Two treatises
Wilhelm Dilthey
2     works
Diodorus Cronus
4     fragments/reports
Diogenes Laertius
7     Lives of Eminent Philosophers
Diogenes (Apoll)
9     fragments/reports
Diogenes (Bab)
3     fragments/reports
Diogenes (Sin)
9     reports
Andrew Dobson
9     Environmental Politics: very short intro
Keith Donnellan
8     Reference and Definite Descriptions
Cian Dorr
3     There Are No Abstract Objects
Trent Dougherty
3     Fallibilism
3     Experience First (and reply)
3     What is Knowledge-First Epistemology?
Andy Douglas
1     talk
Phil Dowe
3     Physical Causation
Fred Dretske
1     Epistemic Operators
10     Naturalizing the Mind
7     The Case against Closure (and reply)
Julia Driver
6     The Virtues and Human Nature
Curt Ducasse
8     Nature and Observability of Causal Relations
Pierre Duhem
2     The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory
Michael Dummett
5     Truth
2     Presupposition
2     works
2     Elements of Intuitionism
1     Wang's Paradox
23     Frege Philosophy of Language (2nd ed)
5     The philosophical basis of intuitionist logic
11     The Justification of Deduction
2     Frege's Distinction of Sense and Reference
1     Realism
9     Could There Be Unicorns?
27     Frege philosophy of mathematics
1     The Logical Basis of Metaphysics
1     Realism and Anti-Realism
21     Thought and Reality
7     The Philosophy of Mathematics
1     Elements of Intuitionism (2nd ed)
11     Truth and the Past
John Duns Scotus
1     Lectura
1     In Praed.
1     Oxford Commentary on Sentences
11     works
8     Ordinatio
2     In Metaphysics
Ian Dunt
5     How to be a Liberal
John Dupré
17     The Disorder of Things
Ronald Dworkin
3     Taking Rights Seriously
1     A Matter of Principle
Antony Eagle
4     Locke on Essences and Kinds
G Edelman / G Tononi
21     Consciousness: matter becomes imagination
Dorothy Edgington
1     Epistemic and Metaphysical Possibility
5     Do Conditionals Have Truth Conditions?
4     Conditionals
4     Two Kinds of Possibility
14     Conditionals (Stanf)
Douglas Edwards
4     Properties
Albert Einstein
10     works
1     The Evolution of Physics
Crawford L. Elder
5     Real Natures and Familiar Objects
Catherine Z. Elgin
3     Non-foundationalist epistemology
Elizabeth, Princess of Bohemia
1     Letters to Descartes
Roy Ellen
4     Anthropological Studies of Classification
1     Categories, Classification, Cogn. Anthropology
Brian Ellis
35     Scientific Essentialism
41     The Philosophy of Nature: new essentialism
5     Katzav on limitations of dispositions
24     The Metaphysics of Scientific Realism
1     Response to David Armstrong
Ralph Waldo Emerson
1     Self-Reliance
22     fragments/reports
Herbert B. Enderton
8     Elements of Set Theory
30     A Mathematical Introduction to Logic (2nd)
Pascal Engel
16     Truth
George Engelbretsen
14     Trees, Terms and Truth
8     Philosophical Logic: Intro to Advanced Topics
Friedrich Engels
1     Speeches in Elberfeld
7     comedies (frags)
40     The Discourses
1     fragments/reports
4     The Handbook [Encheiridion]
25     Letter to Herodotus
3     Letter to Pythocles
16     Letter to Menoeceus
11     Principle Doctrines ('Kuriai Doxai') (frags)
46     fragments/reports
Desiderius Erasmus
1     works
Michael Esfeld
1     Humean metaphysics vs metaphysics of Powers
John Etchemendy
2     Tarski on Truth and Logical Consequence
2     The Concept of Logical Consequence
3     fragments/reports
2     fragments/reports
12     Elements of Geometry
Leonhard Euler
1     Letters to a German Princess
1     The Bacchae
1     fragments/reports
Eustachius a Sancto Paulo
2     Summa
Gareth Evans
9     The Causal Theory of Names
1     Molyneux's Question
2     Reference and Contingency
6     Can there be Vague Objects?
4     The Varieties of Reference
A.C. Ewing
2     Idealism: a critical survey
1     The Definition of Good
David Fair
2     Causation and the Flow of Energy
Michael Faraday
1     Experimental Researches in Electricity
Graham Farmelo
3     The Strangest Man
Feferman / Feferman
12     Alfred Tarski: life and logic
R Feldman / E Conee
4     Evidentialism
J.H. Fetzer
4     A World of Dispositions
Ludwig Feuerbach
7     Towards a Critique of Hegel's Philosophy
1     Fragments on My Philosophical Development
8     Introduction of 'Essence of Christianity'
1     On 'The Beginning of Philosophy'
24     Principles of Philosophy of the Future
Paul Feyerabend
2     Against Method
Richard P. Feynman
4     The Character of Physical Law
Johann Fichte
2     Review of 'Aenesidemus'
13     The Science of Knowing (Wissenschaftslehre) [1st ed]
1     The Science of Rights
8     works
24     The Vocation of Man
Hartry Field
9     Tarski's Theory of Truth
1     Theory Change and the Indeterminacy of Reference
21     Science without Numbers
1     Realism, Mathematics and Modality
7     Apriority as an Evaluative Notion
4     Causation in a Physical World
1     Recent Debates on the A Priori
Kit Fine
11     Vagueness, Truth and Logic
1     Model Theory for Modal Logic I
2     Quine on Quantifying In
6     Aristotle on Matter
21     Essence and Modality
1     A Puzzle Concerning Matter and Form
12     Ontological Dependence
7     Senses of Essence
5     Cantorian Abstraction: Recon. and Defence
8     Things and Their Parts
5     Neutral Relations
17     The Question of Realism
11     The Limits of Abstraction
2     The Problem of Possibilia
9     Intro to 'Modality and Tense'
16     Necessity and Non-Existence
3     Our Knowledge of Mathematical Objects
4     Precis of 'Limits of Abstraction'
14     Replies on 'Limits of Abstraction'
5     In Defence of Three-Dimensionalism
18     Semantic Relationism
9     The Question of Ontology
2     Some Puzzles of Ground
6     Semantic Necessity
21     Guide to Ground
3     The Varieties of Necessity
James Gordon Finlayson
3     Habermas
Roderick Firth
1     Sense Data and the Percept Theory
Jennifer Fisher
10     On the Philosophy of Logic
3     Capitalist Realism
Melvin Fitting
7     Intensional Logic
M Fitting/R Mendelsohn
44     First-Order Modal Logic
Richard Fitzralph
1     Sentences
Owen Flanagan
23     The Problem of the Soul
7     The Really Hard Problem
Antony Flew
3     Theology and Falsification
Pamela Foa
3     What's Wrong with Rape?
Jerry A. Fodor
1     How there could be a private language
5     works
27     Psychosemantics
3     Making Mind Matter More
30     The Elm and the Expert
7     Jerry A. Fodor on himself
12     Concepts:where went wrong
41     In a Critical Condition
41     LOT 2
2     The Language of Thought
1     The Modularity of Mind
J Fodor / E Lepore
1     Holism: a Shopper's Guide
Robert Fogelin
22     Walking the Tightrope of Reason
Richard Foley
1     The Theory of Epistemic Rationality
4     Justified Belief as Responsible Belief
Philippa Foot
3     Free Will as Involving Determinism
4     Moral Arguments
1     Moral Beliefs
2     Goodness and Choice
6     Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect
5     Morality and Art
1     Reasons for Actions and Desires
3     Morality as system of hypothetical imps.
1     Reply to Professor Frankena
8     Virtues and Vices
3     Moral Relativism
1     Moral Realism and Moral Dilemma
7     Utilitarianism and the Virtues
3     Killing and Letting Die
2     Nietzsche's Immoralism
4     Rationality and Virtue
6     Morality, Action, and Outcome
3     Does Moral Subjectivism Rest on a Mistake?
2     Moral Dilemmas Revisited
9     Natural Goodness
9     Interview with Philippa Foot
Graeme Forbes
25     The Metaphysics of Modality
7     In Defense of Absolute Essentialism
Peter Forrest
1     Ways Worlds Could Be
Michel Foucault
2     Discipline and Punish
6     works
1     Power/Knowledge
1     Space, Knowledge and Power (interview)
1     What is Critique?
3     On the Genealogy of Ethics
8     Ethics of the Concern for Self as Freedom
1     Nietzsche, Genealogy, History
Bas C. van Fraassen
5     The Scientific Image
6     The Empirical Stance
Francis of Marchia
1     Commentary on Sentences
Harry G. Frankfurt
7     Freedom of the Will and concept of a person
16     The Reasons of Love
Benjamin Franklin
2     Advice to a Young Tradesman
Michael Frede
1     Individuals in Aristotle
1     Title, Unity, Authenticity of the 'Categories'
1     Intro to 'Rationality in Greek Thought'
7     A Free Will
Gottlob Frege
2     Rechnungsmethoden (dissertation)
20     Begriffsschrift
1     Boole calculus and the Concept script
174     Grundlagen der Arithmetik (Foundations)
26     works
13     Function and Concept
9     On Concept and Object
33     On Sense and Reference
9     Grundgesetze der Arithmetik 1 (Basic Laws)
15     Review of Husserl's 'Phil of Arithmetic'
1     Elucidation of some points in E.Schröder
4     Letters to Jourdain
1     Logic [1897]
1     On Euclidean Geometry
3     Letters to Russell
12     Grundgesetze der Arithmetik 2 (Basic Laws)
20     Logic in Mathematics
13     The Thought: a Logical Enquiry
1     Sources of Knowledge of Mathematics
Sigmund Freud
3     works
Michčle Friend
41     Introducing the Philosophy of Mathematics
Roger Fry
11     An Essay in Aesthetics
Hans-Georg Gadamer
2     Truth and Method
1     On Medical Experience
1     An Outline of Empiricism
7     The soul's dependence on the body
2     On Hippocrates and Plato
1     On the Natural Faculties
Galileo Galilei
4     Il Saggiatore ('The Assayer')
1     Two Chief World Systems
André Gallois
4     Occasions of Identity
3     Identity over Time
David Galloway
1     lectures
Daniel Garber
2     Leibniz:Body,Substance,Monad
Sebastian Gardner
4     Aesthetics
6     Kant and the Critique of Pure Reason
Pierre Gassendi
1     Objections to 'Meditations' (Fifth)
1     Disquisitions
4     Syntagma
Carl Friedrich Gauss
1     Letter to Shumacher
Berys Gaut
6     The Ethical Criticism of Art
Peter Geach
1     Good and Evil
16     Mental Acts: their content and their objects
5     Reference and Generality (3rd ed)
5     Abstraction Reconsidered
Susan A. Gelman
32     The Essential Child
Gerhard Gentzen
1     Investigations into Logical Deduction
5     works
A.George / D.J.Velleman
41     Philosophies of Mathematics
Robert Geroch
1     Mathematical Physics
Edmund L. Gettier
1     Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?
Allan Gibbard
14     Contingent Identity
Andrew Gibson
1     talk
Harry Gildersleve
1     talk
Giles of Orleans
1     On 'Generation and Corruption'
Mary Louise Gill
3     Aristotle on Substance
Carol Gilligan
1     In a Different Voice
Carl Ginet
2     Infinitism not solution to regress problem
Rod Girle
15     Modal Logics and Philosophy
Stuart Glennan
7     Mechanisms
Hans-Johann Glock
4     What is Analytic Philosophy?
Jonathan Glover
6     Introductions to Utilitarianism and its Critics
Kurt Gödel
1     Completeness of Axioms of Logic
18     On Formally Undecidable Propositions
9     Russell's Mathematical Logic
6     What is Cantor's Continuum Problem?
6     works
Wolfgang von Goethe
7     Maxims and Reflections
Erving Goffman
1     Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
Alvin I. Goldman
4     What is Justified Belief?
1     The Internalist Conception of Justification
6     Phil Applications of Cognitive Science
5     Internalism Exposed
Nelson Goodman
1     The Problem of Counterfactual Conditionals
6     The Structure of Appearance
5     Fact, Fiction and Forecast (4th ed)
4     Languages of Art (2nd edn)
1     The Languages of Art
13     Ways of Worldmaking
1     Steps Towards a Constructive Nominalism
Adam Gopnik
19     A Thousand Small Sanities
3     fragments/reports
Geoffrey Gorham
9     Philosophy of Science
Gordon Graham
14     Eight Theories of Ethics
Antonio Gramsci
7     Selections from Prison Notebooks
John Gray
7     Straw Dogs
5     Seven Types of Atheism
A.C. Grayling
2     Russell
2     Among the Dead Cities
1     Wittgenstein
6     What is Good?
9     The Good State
John Greco
3     The Value Problem
T.H. Green
15     works
9     Lectures on the Principles of Political Obligation
3     Prolegomena to Ethics
H. Paul Grice
4     Some Models for Implicature
4     Logic and Conversation
2     Presupposition and Conversational Implicature
3     Meaning
1     Reply to Richards
P Grice / P Strawson
1     In Defense of a Dogma
Stephen R. Grimm
3     Understanding
Robert Grosseteste
1     Commentary on 'Posterior Analytics'
Hugo Grotius
8     On the Law of War and Peace
Thomas Grundmann
7     Defeasibility Theory
Robert van Gulick
8     Mirror Mirror - Is That All?
Anil Gupta
4     Truth
12     Definitions
Gary Gutting
2     Foucault: a very short introduction
Susan Haack
2     Philosophy of Logics
Jürgen Habermas
9     The Theory of Communicative Action
2     Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action
1     Between Facts and Norms
1     On the Pragmatics of Communications
Ian Hacking
8     The Emergence of Probability
11     What is Logic?
Pierre Hadot
3     Philosophy as a way of life
Volker Halbach
10     Axiomatic Theories of Truth (2005 ver)
47     Axiomatic Theories of Truth
10     Axiomatic Theories of Truth (2013 ver)
John Haldane
1     The Individual, the State, and the Common Good
Bob Hale
23     Abstract Objects
8     Absolute Necessities
1     Reals by Abstraction
5     The Source of Necessity
23     Necessary Beings
Bob Hale/ Aviv Hoffmann
1     Introduction to 'Modality'
B Hale / C Wright
8     Intro to 'The Reason's Proper Study'
5     Logicism in the 21st Century
10     The Metaontology of Abstraction
A.R. Hall
1     The Scientific Revolution 1500-1800
Michael Hallett
4     Introduction to Zermelo's 1930 paper
J.G. Hamann
2     works
Stuart Hampshire
1     Thought and Responsibility
Robert Hanna
28     Rationality and Logic
Eduard Hanslick
1     The Beautiful in Music
Yuval Noah Harari
29     Sapiens: brief history of humankind
Richard M. Hare
2     The Language of Morals
3     Freedom and Reason
5     Moral Thinking: Its Levels,Method and Point
10     Universal Prescriptivism
Gilbert Harman
1     Induction
29     Thought
1     The Inference to the Best Explanation
2     Human Flourishing, Ethics and Liberty
10     Change in View: Principles of Reasoning
16     (Nonsolipsistic) Conceptual Role Semantics
1     The Intrinsic Quality of Experience
6     Rationality
4     Moral Philosophy meets social psychology
Rom Harré
27     Laws of Nature
102     Causal Powers
H.L.A. Hart
3     The Concept of Law
William D. Hart
1     Hat-Tricks and Heaps
45     The Evolution of Logic
Verity Harte
7     Plato on Parts and Wholes
Sally Haslanger
8     Persistence, Change and Explanation
Katherine Hawley
39     How Things Persist
John Hawthorne
8     Causal Structuralism
1     Identity
4     The Case for Closure
4     Three-Dimensionalism v Four-Dimensionalism
F.A. Hayek
3     The Road to Serfdom
1     The Mirage of Social Justice
1     fragments/reports
Richard G. Heck
11     Cardinality, Counting and Equinumerosity
Georg W.F.Hegel
1     Oldest System Prog. of German Idealism
28     Phenomenology of Spirit
27     Science of Logic
46     Logic (Encyclopedia I)
53     Elements of the Philosophy of Right
2     Lectures on the Philosophy of (World) History
8     Introduction to the Philosophy of History
3     The Philosophy of History
20     works
2     Philosophy of Nature (Encylopedia II)
2     Philosophy of Mind (Encylopedia III)
3     Lectures on the Philosophy of Right
9     Lectures on Aesthetics
2     Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion
1     Lectures on the History of Philosophy
Martin Heidegger
37     Being and Time
2     Basic Problems of Phenomenology
1     On the Essence of Truth
1     The Origin of the Work of Art
1     Contributions of Philosophy (On Appropriation)
1     Contributions to Philosophy
1     Martin Heidegger in conversation
John Heil
37     Philosophy of Mind
54     From an Ontological Point of View
7     Relations
43     The Universe as We Find It
Werner Heisenberg
1     Ancient Thought in Modern Physics
17     Physics and Philosophy
Geoffrey Hellman
3     Mathematics without Numbers
2     Structuralism
Hermann von Helmholtz
2     On the Conservation of Force
Carl Hempel
4     Aspects of Scientific Explanation
1     Philosophy of Natural Science
Robin F. Hendry
11     Chemistry
Henry of Ghent
4     Quodlibeta
36     fragments/reports
Johann Herbart
1     works
Johann Gottfried Herder
1     On Recent German Literature. Fragments
3     works
1     fragments/reports
1     The Histories
1     works
Gavin Hesketh
20     The Particle Zoo
Stephen Hetherington
1     The Gettier Problem
Arend Heyting
1     Intuitionism: an Introduction
John Hick
3     Theology and Verification
David Hilbert
4     works
1     On the Concept of Number
2     On the Foundations of Logic and Arithmetic
6     Axiomatic Thought
10     On the Infinite
1     The Foundations of Mathematics
4     Foundations of Geometry
1     Letter to Frege 29.12.1899
1     Principles of Theoretical Logic
David Hildebrand
1     Dewey
Nicholas Hill
1     Philosophia Epicurea
Hillel the Elder
1     reports
Jaakko Hintikka
2     Semantics for Propositional Attitudes
1     fragments/reports
1     Hippocrates of Cos on the mind
Thomas Hobbes
6     Human Nature
9     The Elements of Law
1     De Mundo (On the World)
2     Letter to Bramhall
38     Leviathan
2     Letters to the Lord Marquis of Newcastle
1     Of Liberty and Necessity
40     De Corpore (Elements, First Section)
Harold Hodes
10     Logicism and Ontological Commits. of Arithmetic
Wilfrid Hodges
8     First-Order Logic
8     Model Theory
Carl Hoefer
1     The Metaphysics of Space-Time Substantivalism
J Hoffman/G Rosenkrantz
4     Platonistic Theories of Universals
Thomas Hofweber
10     Number Determiners, Numbers, Arithmetic
4     Inexpressible Properties and Propositions
3     Ambitious, yet modest, Metaphysics
30     Ontology and the Ambitions of Metaphysics
Lynn Holt
1     Apprehension: reason in absence of Rules
5     The Iliad
Brad W. Hooker
2     Prescriptivism
4     Rule Utilitarianism and Euthanasia
Richard Hooker
4     Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity
Terence Horgan
6     From Supervenience to Superdupervenience
Max Horkheimer
1     works
Jennifer Hornsby
1     Actions
Leon Horsten
46     The Tarskian Turn
4     Philosophy of Mathematics
9     Mathematical Methods in Philosophy
Paul Horwich
7     Stipulation, Meaning and Apriority
2     Lewis's Programme
12     Truth (2nd edn)
2     Bayesianism
Vittorio Hösle
2     A Short History of German Philosophy
Keith Hossack
21     Plurals and Complexes
Stephen Houlgate
1     An Introduction to Hegel
GE Hughes/M Cresswell
4     An Introduction to Modal Logic
David Hume
60     Treatise of Human Nature
11     Treatise of Human Nature, + Appendix
7     Of the original contract
84     Enquiry Conc Human Understanding
1     Of Miracles
3     That Politics may be reduced to a Science
2     Of the First Principles of Government
1     Of the Origin of Government
1     Of Civil Liberty
25     Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
12     Enquiry concerning Principles of Morals
2     Of the standard of taste
1     On suicide
4     Letters
1     Nine political essays
Rosalind Hursthouse
1     Virtue Theory and Abortion
30     On Virtue Ethics
Edmund Husserl
7     Philosophy of Arithmetic
1     works
4     Logical Investigations
26     Ideas: intro to pure phenomenology
3     Formal and Transcendental Logic
3     Cartesian Meditations
Francis Hutcheson
14     Treatise 2: Virtue or Moral Good
6     Treatise 4: The Moral Sense
T.H. Huxley
2     Method and Results
1     Life of Pythagoras
R.D. Ingthorsson
32     A Powerful Particulars View of Causation
Peter van Inwagen
43     Material Beings
1     Response to Slote
1     Existence,Ontological Commitment and Fictions
1     An Essay on Free Will
1     fragments/reports
1     works
3     23: Book of Isaiah
Frank Jackson
2     Statements about Universals
2     On Assertion and Indicative Conditionals
1     Conditionals and Possibilia
3     Epiphenomenal Qualia
3     What Mary Didn't Know
1     Conditionals
27     From Metaphysics to Ethics
9     Conditionals
4     Possible Worlds and Necessary A Posteriori
1     Three theses about dispositions
Friedrich Jacobi
2     Letters to Fichte
Jonathan D. Jacobs
13     A Powers Theory of Modality
Daniel Jacobson
8     Ethical Criticism and the Vice of Moderation
Dale Jacquette
22     Ontology
6     Intro to 'Philosophy of Logic'
1     Intro to I: Classical Logic
2     Intro to III: Quantifiers
Mark Jago
1     Paraconsistent Logic
William James
18     The Sentiment of Rationality
1     The Will to Believe
2     Does Consciousness Exist?
20     Pragmatism - eight lectures
2     The Meaning of the Word "Truth"
3     The Pragmatist Account of Truth
Christopher Janaway
1     Schopenhauer
Karl Jaspers
11     Philosophy
Thomas Jefferson
1     U.S. Declaration of Independence
Richard Jeffrey
2     The Logic of Decision
Carrie Jenkins
17     Grounding Concepts
3     24: Book of Jeremiah
12     reports
William S. Jevons
1     The Principles of Science
Harold Joachim
1     The Nature of Truth
St John
2     23: First Epistle of John
1     25: Third Epistle of John
2     04: Gospel of St John
Eileen John
4     Artistic Value and Opportunistic Moralism
Paul Johnson
16     The History of the Jews
Samuel Johnson
1     works
P. Johnson-Laird
1     Mental Models
Nicholas Jolley
1     Leibniz
Jan-Erik Jones
1     Real Essence
Jack Joslin
1     talk
Joseph Joubert
15     Notebooks
James Joule
2     works
Michael Jubien
8     Ontology and Mathematical Truth
14     Analyzing Modality
30     Possibility
Yale Kamisar
2     Against Euthanasia
Immanuel Kant
1     Lectures on Ethics
217     Critique of Pure Reason
27     Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysic
5     Idea for a Universal History
1     Answer to 'What is Enlightenment?'
69     Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals
1     Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science
34     Critique of Practical Reason
13     Critique of Judgement I: Aesthetic
4     Critique of Judgement II: Teleological
3     Wiener Logik
2     On a supposed right to lie
1     Posthumous notes
14     True in Theory, but not in Practice
10     Perpetual Peace
13     Metaphysics of Morals I: Doctrine of Right
29     Metaphysics of Morals II:Doctrine of Virtue
David Kaplan
6     Transworld Heir Lines
4     How to Russell a Frege-Church
2     Demonstratives
1     Dthat
R Kaplan / E Kaplan
6     The Art of the Infinite
Jerrold J. Katz
9     Realistic Rationalism
R Keefe / P Smith
17     Intro: Theories of Vagueness
John Kekes
38     Against Liberalism
27     The Human Condition
Lord Kelvin (Wm Thomson)
2     works
Gary Kemp
4     Croce and Collingwood
Maynard Keynes
1     The General Theory of Employment
Sřren Kierkegaard
1     Letter to Peter Wilhelm Lund
9     Either/Or: a fragment of life
2     Fear and Trembling
2     Repetition
2     Philosophical Fragments
5     The Concept of Dread (/Anxiety)
1     works
15     Concluding Unscientific Postscript
1     Works of Love
1     Sickness unto Death
7     The Journals of Kierkegaard
1     Attack Upon Christendom
Jaegwon Kim
1     Causes and Events: Mackie on causation
5     Causes and Counterfactuals
6     Events as property exemplifications
1     Psychophysical supervenience
1     Concepts of supervenience
1     Epiphenomenal and supervenient causation
67     Philosophy of Mind
23     Mind in a Physical World
1     What is 'naturalized epistemology'?
1     Mechanism, purpose and explan. exclusion
2     Postscripts on supervenience
Robert Kirk
15     Mind and Body
Richard L. Kirkham
7     Theories of Truth: a Critical Introduction
Philip Kitcher
32     The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge
4     A Priori Knowledge Revisited
Peter Klein
4     Infinitism solution to regress problem
Morris Kline
1     Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times
W Kneale / M Kneale
1     The Development of Logic
Peter Koellner
6     On the Question of Absolute Undecidability
Lawrence Kohlberg
1     works
Kongzi (Confucius)
8     The Analects (Lunyu)
Hilary Kornblith
1     Internalism and Externalism: a History
Christine M. Korsgaard
5     Aristotle and Kant on the Source of Value
1     Creating the Kingdom of Ends
5     Intro to 'Creating the Kingdom of Ends'
Kathrin Koslicki
5     Isolation and Non-arbitrary Division
22     The Structure of Objects
9     Essence, Necessity and Explanation
8     Varieties of Ontological Dependence
Lawrence M. Krauss
9     A Universe from Nothing
Georg Kreisel
3     Hilbert's Programme
1     Aquinas, Thomas
U Kriegel / K Williford
5     Intro to 'Self-Representational Consciousness'
Saul A. Kripke
4     A Completeness Theorem in Modal Logic
90     Naming and Necessity lectures
8     Identity and Necessity
14     Naming and Necessity notes and addenda
5     Outline of a Theory of Truth
1     A Problem about Substitutional Quantification?
1     A Puzzle about Belief
8     Naming and Necessity preface
6     Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language
Leopold Kronecker
2     works
Peter (Pyotr) Kropotkin
1     Law and Authority
Thomas S. Kuhn
6     Structure of Scientific Revolutions (2nd ed)
3     Reflections on my Critics
Manjit Kumar
1     Quantum: Einstein and Bohr
Kenneth Kunen
11     Set Theory
1     The Foundations of Mathematics (2nd ed)
Joan Kung
5     Aristotle on Essence and Explanation
Wolfgang Künne
1     Conceptions of Truth
Martin Kusch
28     Knowledge by Agreement
Jonathan Kvanvig
4     Truth is not the Primary Epistemic Goal
2     Epistemic Justification
3     Virtue Epistemology
1     The Value of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Understanding
Henry E. Kyburg Jr
1     Probability and Logic of Rational Belief
Will Kymlicka
1     Liberal Individualism and Liberal Neutrality
29     Contemporary Political Philosophy (1st edn)
9     Community
22     Contemporary Political Philosophy (2nd edn)
Julien Offray de La Mettrie
9     Machine Man
A.R. Lacey
3     A Dictionary of Philosophy
Douglas Lackey
2     Intros to Russell's 'Essays in Analysis.
J Ladyman / D Ross
60     Every Thing Must Go
3     Introductions to 'Aesthetics and the Phil of Art'
Laozi (Lao Tzu)
15     Daodejing (Tao Te Ching)
Pierre Simon de Laplace
2     Philosophical Essay on Probability
Michael Lavers
1     talk
Shaughan Lavine
33     Understanding the Infinite
Henry Laycock
10     Words without Objects
Robin Le Poidevin
3     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
30     Travels in Four Dimensions
Keith Lehrer
2     Theory of Knowledge (2nd edn)
3     Consciousness,Represn, and Knowledge
Gottfried Leibniz
1     Confessio naturae contra atheistas
2     Letters to Thomasius
1     Elements of Law and Justice
1     Aristotle and Descartes on Matter
1     Notes on John Wilkins
2     Letters to Foucher
1     Pacidius Philalethi dialogue
1     Meditatio de principio individui
1     Paper of December 1676
2     De arcanus motus
1     On Motion
2     Dialogue on Things and Words
3     Towards a Universal Characteristic
4     Conspectus libelli (book outline)
1     De Natura Corporis
2     Definitiones cogitationesque metaphysicae
3     Of Organum or Ars Magna of Thinking
2     Introduction to a Secret Encyclopaedia
1     Preface to Universal Characteristic
1     De aequopollentia causae et effectus
1     Calculus Ratiocinator
2     On Perceptions
1     Precepts for Advancing Science and Arts
4     Reflections on Knowledge, Truth and Ideas
3     De modo distinguendi phaenomena
41     Letters to Antoine Arnauld
3     A Specimen of Discoveries
1     Primary Truths
13     Discourse on Metaphysics
2     De Mundo Praesenti
1     True Method in Philosophy and Theology
1     Identity in Substances and True Propositions
2     On Sufficient Reason
2     A General Principle to Explain Laws of Nature
4     On Freedom
1     Letter on Freedom
2     On Copernicanism and Relativity of Motion
1     Specimen inventorum
2     Notes on Comments by Fardella
2     The Nature and Communication of Substance
58     works
1     Letters to Fardella
1     Of liberty, Fate and God's grace
1     Human Freedom and Divine choice
3     Exigency to Exist in Essences
2     Letters to Paul Pellison-Fontinier
1     Letters to Jacques Lenfant
2     On Wisdom
1     Reply to Foucher
1     De primae philosophiae emendatione
4     Dialogue on human freedom and origin of evil
5     New system of communication of substances
4     New System and Explanation of New System
1     Letters to Lelong
1     On the Principles of Indiscernibles
7     On the Ultimate Origination of Things
3     A Résumé of Metaphysics
1     Letters to Bouvet
8     On Nature Itself (De Ipsa Natura)
2     Letter to the Editor about Bayle
4     Letters to Johann Bernoulli
5     Letters to Queen Charlotte
5     On Body and Force, Against the Cartesians
1     Reply to 'Rorarius' 2nd ed
1     Letters to Pierre Bayle
1     Letters to Varignon
2     Letters to Thomas Burnett
106     New Essays on Human Understanding
3     On Note L to Bayle's 'Rorarius'
7     Principle of Life and Plastic Natures
26     Letters to Burcher De Volder
2     Letters to Coste
1     Letters to Wagner
16     The Theodicy
2     Metaphysical conseqs of principle of reason
1     Geometrical Method and Metaphysics
5     Principles of Nature and Grace based on Reason
13     Letters to Des Bosses
1     Letters to Wolff
4     Letters to Remond de Montmort
1     Metaphysical Foundations of Mathematics
19     Monadology
15     Letters to Samuel Clarke
1     Letters to Samuel Masson
1     Against Barbaric physics
1     What is an Idea?
1     The Human Body is a sort of Machine
1     On the Reality of Accidents
E.J. Lemmon
52     Beginning Logic
Jacques Lenfant
1     Letters to Leibniz
Armand Marie LeRoi
1     The Lagoon: how Aristotle invented science
Stanislaw Lesniewski
1     works
1     fragments/reports
Bert Leuridan
11     Can Mechanisms Replace Laws of Nature?
Emmanuel Levinas
2     works
Joseph Levine
3     Purple Haze
Claude Lévi-Strauss
1     works
David Lewis
6     How to Define Theoretical Terms
3     Mad Pain and Martian Pain
1     Subjectivist's Guide to Objective Chance
33     New work for a theory of universals
3     Extrinsic Properties
1     Survival and Identity, with postscript
1     Introduction to Philosophical Papers I
5     Putnam's Paradox
1     Modal Realism at Work: Properties
17     Against Structural Universals
2     Comment on Armstrong and Forrest
94     On the Plurality of Worlds
12     Causal Explanation
7     Events
2     Introduction to Philosophical Papers II
1     Rearrangement of Particles
35     Parts of Classes
11     Mathematics is Megethology
5     Elusive Knowledge
1     Vague Identity: Evans misunderstood
4     Noneism or Allism?
5     Armstrong on combinatorial possibility
4     Many, but almost one
12     Lewis: reduction of mind (on himself)
1     Should a materialist believe in qualia?
4     Finkish dispositions
4     Defining 'Intrinsic' (with Rae Langton)
1     A world of truthmakers?
3     Forget the 'correspondence theory of truth'
1     Things qua Truthmakers
2     An Argument for the Identity Theory
7     Counterpart theory and Quant. Modal Logic
1     Anselm and Actuality
3     Psychophysical and theoretical identifications
3     Possible Worlds
1     Probabilities of Conditionals
5     Attitudes De Dicto and De Se
1     Counterfactual Dependence and Time's Arrow
1     works
15     Causation
3     Counterfactuals
C.I. Lewis
7     A Pragmatic Conception of the A Priori
1     Symbolic Logic (with Langford)
2     works
2     An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation
3     An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation
C.S. Lewis
1     works
Peter B. Lewis
2     Schopenhauer
Benjamin Libet
2     Unconscious Cerebral Initiative
David Liggins
3     Nihilism without Self-Contradiction
9     Truth-makers and dependence
Řystein Linnebo
5     Plural Quantification Exposed
10     Plural Quantification
9     Structuralism and the Notion of Dependence
8     Philosophy of Mathematics
Bernard Linsky
11     Russell's Metaphysical Logic
2     Quantification and Descriptions
Seymour Lipschutz
1     Set Theory and related topics (2nd ed)
Justus Lipsius
1     works
Peter Lipton
56     Inference to the Best Explanation (2nd)
John Locke
50     Second Treatise of Government
2     Letters to Edward Stillingfleet
1     Letters to William Molyneux
227     Essay Conc Human Understanding (2nd Ed)
Michael Lockwood
3     When Does a Life Begin?
20     Mind, Brain and the Quantum
1     Identity and Reference
Lawrence B. Lombard
1     Events
Beth Lord
2     Spinoza's Ethics
Michael J. Loux
6     Metaphysics: contemporary introduction
M Loux / D Zimmerman
1     Intro to Oxford Hndbk of Metaphysics
E.J. Lowe
7     Locke on Human Understanding
67     The Possibility of Metaphysics
45     Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
45     A Survey of Metaphysics
4     Individuation
6     Two Notions of Being: Entity and Essence
3     An essentialist approach to Truth-making
1     Lewis on Perdurance versus Endurance
1     Things
19     What is the Source of Knowledge of Modal Truths?
42     On the Nature of the Universe
Jan Lukasiewicz
1     Elements of Mathematical Logic
2     Ars Magna
Martin Luther
2     talk
William Lycan
6     The Trouble with Possible Worlds
24     Consciousness
5     Introduction - Ontology
8     Philosophy of Language
1     fragments/reports
4     The Impossibility of Superdupervenience
William Lyons
6     Approaches to Intentionality
Danielle Macbeth
4     Pragmatism and Objective Truth
Fraser MacBride
2     Structuralism Reconsidered
20     Truthmakers
3     Relations
Hugh MacColl
1     Symbolic Reasoning
Cynthia Macdonald
32     Varieties of Things
Ernst Mach
1     Popular Scientific Lectures
13     Thinking About Mechanisms
Edouard Machery
51     Doing Without Concepts
Niccolo Machiavelli
7     The Prince
2     The Discourses
Alasdair MacIntyre
11     A Short History of Ethics
27     After Virtue: a Study in Moral Theory
2     Whose Justice? Which Rationality?
J.L. Mackie
2     Evil and Omnipotence
1     Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong
9     Causes and Conditions
Penelope Mackie
18     How Things Might Have Been
Saunders MacLane
1     Mathematics: Form and Function
Penelope Maddy
11     Believing the Axioms I
8     Sets and Numbers
4     Realism in Mathematics
26     Naturalism in Mathematics
1     Second Philosophy
7     Defending the Axioms
Bryan Magee
1     Confessions of a Philosopher
Ofra Magidor
51     Category Mistakes
1     The Great Event
Naguib Mahfouz
1     works
Moses Maimonides
2     The Guide of the Perplexed
Norman Malcolm
1     Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical Investigations'
1     Anselm's Argument
Nicolas Malebranche
1     The Union of Body and Soul
2     The Search After Truth
Paolo Mancosu
1     Explanation in Mathematics
Ruth Barcan Marcus
9     Essential Attribution
13     Nominalism and Substitutional Quantifiers
Edwin D. Mares
13     A Priori
14     Negation
E Margolis/S Laurence
23     Concepts
St Mark
1     02: Gospel of St Mark
Ned Markosian
13     A Defense of Presentism
David Marshall
1     talk
Brian R. Martin
14     Particle Physics
C.B. Martin
28     The Mind in Nature
Michael Martin
3     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
R Martin / J Barresi
4     Introduction to 'Personal Identity'
Karl Marx
3     Contrib to Critique of Hegel's Phil of Right
2     On the Jewish Question
5     Critique of the Gotha Program
5     Theses on Feuerbach
1     The Poverty of Philosophy
7     works
2     Capital Vol. 1
1     Capital Vol. 3
1     Grundrisse
K Marx / F Engels
23     The German Ideology
8     The Communist Manifesto
Keith T. Maslin
10     Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
Tim Maudlin
31     The Metaphysics within Physics
Barry Maund
8     Perception
Thomas Mautner
30     Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy
Tim Mawson
1     Animal Rights talk
Todd May
3     Gilles Deleuze
John Mayberry
31     What Required for Foundation for Maths?
J.R. Mayer
1     Remarks on the forces of inorganic Nature
John McDowell
5     Mind and World
Ian McFetridge
2     Truth, Correspondence, Explanation and Knowledge
10     Logical Necessity: Some Issues
Vann McGee
8     Logical Consequence
Colin McGinn
2     On the Necessity of Origin
1     The Structure of Content
19     Subjective View: sec qualities and indexicals
2     The Problem of Consciousness
8     The Mysterious Flame
40     Logical Properties
2     The Making of a Philosopher
Timothy McGrew
10     Evidence
Alan McMichael
5     The Epistemology of Essentialist Claims
J.M.E. McTaggart
1     The Nature of Existence vol.1
10     The Nature of Existence vol.2
Quentin Meillassoux
25     After Finitude; the necessity of contingency
Alexius Meinong
6     The Theory of Objects
Alfred R. Mele
1     Springs of Action
Joseph Melia
17     Modality
4     fragments/reports
D.H. Mellor
5     Properties and Predicates
3     The Facts of Causation
DH Mellor / T Crane
4     There is no question of physicalism
DH Mellor / A Oliver
4     Introduction to 'Properties'
Dmitri Mendeleev
4     The Principles of Chemistry
1     fragments/reports
Mengzi (Mencius)
10     The Mengzi (Mencius)
Maurice Merleau-Ponty
2     Phenomenology of Perception
1     In Praise of Philosophy
Trenton Merricks
28     Objects and Persons
2     Goodbye Growing Block
26     Truth and Ontology
17     Propositions
Metrodorus (Chi)
1     Natural Science (lost)
Metrodorus (Lamp)
1     fragments/reports
5     The Fourth Revolution
John Stuart Mill
51     System of Logic
25     On Liberty
17     Utilitarianism
4     Representative Government
2     Examination of Sir Wm Hamilton's Philosophy
1     Autobiography
8     Nature and Utility of Religion
Alexander Miller
9     Philosophy of Language
David Miller
2     Community and Citizenship
Ruth Garrett Millikan
1     Thoughts without Laws
Tom Milsted
1     talk
Hermann Minkowski
1     Space and Time
Mirabeau and committee
8     Declaration of the Rights of Man
Cheryl Misak
1     Introduction to 'New Pragmatists'
12     Pragmatism and Deflationism
Alistair Mitchell
1     talk
Daniel M. Mittag
4     Evidentialism
1     fragments/reports
23     The Koran
George Molnar
38     Powers
Ray Monk
1     Bertrand Russell: Spirit of Solitude
2     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
Richard Montague
1     English as a Formal Language
Michel de Montaigne
6     Apology for Raymond Sebond
1     I.7 Our deeds are judged by intention
1     III.12 On physiognomy
4     III.10 On Restraining your Will
1     I.39 On Solitude
1     On Cruelty
Baron de Montesquieu
56     The Spirit of the Laws (rev. 1757)
A.W. Moore
2     The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics
G.E. Moore
4     The Nature of Judgement
13     Principia Ethica
1     Some Main Problems of Philosophy
1     Proof of an External World
1     works
1     External and Internal Relations
1     Some Judgements of Perception
Henry More
1     Immortality of the Soul
Thomas More
5     Utopia
J.P. Moreland
24     Universals
Lloyd Morgan
1     Emergent Evolution
Sidney Morgenbesser
1     talk
Michael Morris
8     Guidebook to Wittgenstein's Tractatus
4     The Mozi
6     Truth-makers
Stephen Mumford
41     Dispositions
24     Laws in Nature
4     Metaphysics: a very short introduction
1     Contemporary Efficient Causation: Aristotelian themes
S.Mumford/R.Lill Anjum
1     Dispositional Modality
46     Getting Causes from Powers
Iris Murdoch
5     The Sublime and the Good
14     The Sovereignty of Good
1     Against Dryness: a polemical sketch
1     Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals
Gregory L. Murphy
24     The Big Book of Concepts
Alan Musgrave
8     Logicism Revisited
1     teachings
1     Mahaprajnaparamitashastra
Thomas Nagel
5     What is it like to be a bat?
2     Moral Luck
2     Brain Bisection and Unity of Consciousness
1     MacIntyre versus the Enlightenment
1     The Philosophical Culture
1     The Psychophysical Nexus
8     Equality
1     The Fragmentation of Value
2     Panpsychism
5     Subjective and Objective
24     The View from Nowhere
1     What Does It All Mean?
7     Equality and Partiality
3     The Absurd
Ernest Nagel
1     The Structure of Science
E Nagel / JR Newman
1     Gödel's Proof
Alexander Nehamas
2     Episteme and Logos in later Plato
3     Introduction to 'Virtues of Authenticity'
Ram Neta
2     The Basing Relation
John von Neumann
5     On the Introduction of Transfinite Numbers
2     An Axiomatization of Set Theory
3     works
Otto Neurath
1     works
2     Protocol Sentences
New Scientist writers
26     New Scientist articles
41     Why the Universe Exists
Isaac Newton
1     Universal Arithmetick
41     Principia Mathematica
6     Letters to Bentley
1     Letters to Leibniz 1
1     Queries to the 'Opticks'
W.H. Newton-Smith
17     The Rationality of Science
Nicholas of Autrecourt
1     Tractatus
Friedrich Nietzsche
1     The Birth of Tragedy
1     On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense
30     Unpublished Writings 1872-74
1     Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks
54     Human, All Too Human
1     The Wanderer and his Shadow
48     Dawn (Daybreak)
25     The Gay Science
26     Works (refs to 8 vol Colli and Montinari)
23     Thus Spake Zarathustra
36     Beyond Good and Evil
32     Fragments from 1885-1886
19     On the Genealogy of Morals
78     Writings from Late Notebooks
80     The Will to Power (notebooks)
49     Twilight of the Idols
8     Ecce Homo
11     The Anti-Christ
Harold Noonan
9     Identity
Bryan van Norden
3     Intro to Classical Chinese Philosophy
Michael Novak
1     The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism
8     Miscellaneous Observations
10     Logological Fragments I
5     Logological Fragments II
1     Fath and Love, or the King and Queen
1     Teplitz Fragments
2     General Draft
5     Last Fragments
Robert Nozick
2     Philosophical Explanations
6     The Nature of Rationality
14     Anarchy,State, and Utopia
1     fragments/reports
Martha Nussbaum
1     Rawls and Feminism
1     The Golden Bowl, and Lit as Moral Philosophy
1     The Therapy of Desire
19     Creating Capabilities
D.J. O'Connor
8     The Correspondence Theory of Truth
David S. Oderberg
22     Real Essentialism
Paul O'Grady
24     Relativism
Samir Okasha
1     Darwinian Metaphysics: Species and Essentialism
10     Philosophy of Science: Very Short Intro (2nd ed)
Johanna Oksala
1     How to Read Foucault
4     Political Philosophy: all that matters
Alex Oliver
29     The Metaphysics of Properties
10     What are Sets and What are they For?
Peter John Olivi
1     Treatise on Quantity
3     Summa quaestionum super Sententias
Eric T. Olson
2     The Human Animal
Erik J. Olsson
6     Against Coherence
Alex Orenstein
14     W.V. Quine
Nicole Oresme
1     On 'Physics'
1     On 'Generation and Corruption'
Francesco Orsi
14     Value Theory
José Ortega y Gassett
2     Toward a Philosophy of History
Andreas Osiander
1     Preface to 'De Revolutionibus'
Robert Owen
1     works
Oxford Univ 1350
1     Oxford University Statutes
Thomas Paine
1     Rights of Man
William Paley
5     Natural Theology
4     fragments/reports
David Papineau
1     Reality and Representation
1     Phenomenal and Perceptual Concepts
5     Philosophical Insignificance of A Priori Knowledge
8     Philosophical Naturalism
39     Thinking about Consciousness
Derek Parfit
4     Personal Identity
8     The Unimportance of Identity
1     Reasons and Persons
27     fragments/reports
Charles Parsons
1     Frege's Theory of Numbers
3     A Plea for Substitutional Quantification
1     Mathematical Intuition
3     Review of Tait 'Provenance of Pure Reason'
Terence Parsons
1     Nonexistent Objects
Blaise Pascal
1     works
14     Pensées
Robert Pasnau
53     Metaphysical Themes 1274-1671
St Paul
2     06: Epistle to the Romans
1     09: Galatians
1     12: Colossians
1     xx: 1 Romans
L.A. Paul
9     In Defense of Essentialism
Christopher Peacocke
13     A Study of Concepts
1     Explaining the A Priori
1     Rationale and Maxims in Study of Concepts
6     Truly Understood
Giuseppe Peano
5     Principles of Arithmetic, by a new method
2     works
Charles Sanders Peirce
15     The Fixation of Belief
4     How to Make our Ideas Clear
1     What is a Leading Principle?
3     The Architecture of Theories
4     The Doctrine of Necessity Examined
11     works
1     On the Algebra of Logic
5     Concerning the Author
1     Logic as Semiotic: Theory of Signs
8     The Nature of Mathematics
1     The Approach to Metaphysics
40     Reasoning and the Logic of Things
8     Scientific Attitude and Fallibilism
2     Abduction and Induction
4     Criterion of Validity in Reasoning
3     Essentials of Pragmatism
2     Critical Common-Sensism
1     Issues of Pragmaticism
3     Pragmatism in Retrospect
Roger Penrose
1     Could a computer ever understand?
Franklin Perkins
2     Leibniz: Guide for the Perplexed
John Perry
1     Reference and Reflexivity
1     The Same F
6     The Problem of the Essential Indexical
14     Knowledge, Possibility and Consciousness
St Peter
1     21: First Epistle of Peter
77     Db (lexicon)
118     Db (chronology)
15     Db (ideas)
2     fragments/reports
1     On Signs (damaged)
1     Herculaneum Papyrus
7     On the Cosmos (lost)
1     fragments/reports
Paul M. Pietroski
1     Events and Semantic Architecture
1     poems
Terry Pinkard
5     German Philosophy 1760-1860
Steven Pinker
10     The Blank Slate
1     reports
Ullin T. Place
2     Intentionality and the Physical: reply to Mumford
Alvin Plantinga
2     Free Will Defence
8     De Re and De Dicto
11     World and Essence
7     Transworld Identity or worldbound Individuals?
3     The Nature of Necessity
7     Actualism and Possible Worlds
1     De Essentia
4     Why Propositions cannot be concrete
1     Warrant and Proper Function
25     Philebus
2     Lysis
3     Euthyphro
3     Hippias Major
26     Gorgias
12     Meno
19     The Symposium
1     The Apology
21     Phaedo
2     Laches
13     Protagoras
6     Euthydemus
19     Cratylus
27     works
86     The Republic
1     Clitophon
33     Theaetetus
23     Phaedrus
36     Parmenides
16     The Sophist
9     The Statesman
1     Letter Seven
26     Timaeus
45     The Laws
16     The Enneads
1     Life of Theseus
1     14: Superstition
1     26: Oracles in Decline
3     64: Gryllus - on Rationality in Animals
1     67: Platonic Questions
1     68: Generation of the soul in 'Timaeus'
1     72: Against Stoics on common Conceptions
6     74: Reply to Colotes
1     75: Is 'Live Unknown' a Wise Precept?
Henri Poincaré
1     On the Nature of Mathematical Reasoning
1     talk
1     Science and Hypothesis
1     The Value of Science
1     Science and Method
1     The Logic of Infinity
Thomas W. Polger
6     Natural Minds
Vassilis Politis
4     Aristotle and the Metaphysics
John L. Pollock
12     Epistemic Norms
J Pollock / J Cruz
22     Contemporary theories of Knowledge (2nd)
Richard Polt
2     Heidegger: an introduction
Karl Popper
1     Two Problems of Epistemology
9     The Logic of Scientific Discovery
1     Open Society and Its Enemies:Hegel and Marx
4     Conjectures and Refutations
1     A World of Propensities
Peter E. Pormann
1     Medical Conceptions of Health pre-Renaissance
21     Launching Points to the Realm of the Mind
1     Isagoge ('Introduction')
Demetris Portides
7     Models
2     fragments/reports
Richard Posner
1     Law, Pragmatism and Democracy
Michael Potter
14     Set Theory and Its Philosophy
17     The Rise of Analytic Philosophy 1879-1930
William Poundstone
7     Prisoner's Dilemma
Dag Prawitz
3     Gentzen's Analysis of First-Order Proofs
2     On the General Idea of Proof Theory
Huw Price
3     The Flow of Time
H.H. Price
3     Review of Aron 'Our Knowledge of Universals'
10     Thinking and Experience
Richard Price
1     works
H.A. Prichard
5     Does moral phil rest on a mistake?
4     What is the Basis of Moral Obligation?
Graham Priest
8     The Structure of Paradoxes of Self-Reference
1     works
1     What is so bad about Contradictions?
27     Intro to Non-Classical Logic (1st ed)
Joseph Priestley
2     Theological and other works
Arthur N. Prior
4     The Runabout Inference Ticket
Duncan Pritchard
13     Epistemological Disjunctivism
2     Commentary on Euclid's 'Elements'
4     fragments/reports
16     fragments/reports
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
1     What is Property?
Marcel Proust
1     Remembrance of Things Past
Alexander R. Pruss
1     The Actual and the Possible
James Pryor
6     There is immediate Justification
Stathis Psillos
1     Scientific Realism
32     Causation and Explanation
1     What do powers do when they are not manifested?
Vincent C. Punzo
2     Morality and Human Sexuality
Hilary Putnam
1     Brains and Behaviour
1     The Mental Life of Some Machines
6     Mathematics without Foundations
1     The Thesis that Mathematics is Logic
8     The Nature of Mental States
3     The Philosophy of Logic
14     Philosophy of Logic
7     Meaning and Reference
1     What is Mathematical Truth?
2     works
22     Representation and Reality
6     Explanation and Reference
9     The Meaning of 'Meaning'
4     Models and Reality
22     Meaning and the Moral Sciences
1     Phil of Mathematics: why nothing works
2     What is innate and why
22     Reason, Truth and History
1     Why Reason Can't be Naturalized
5     Why there isn't a ready-made world
1     Unity of Science as a Working Hypothesis
17     reports
Willard Quine
2     Whitehead and the Rise of Modern Logic
1     Methodological Reflections on Current Linguistic Theory
10     Truth by Convention
1     New Foundations for Mathematical Logic
2     Mathematical Logic (revised)
3     Lecture on Nominalism
29     On What There Is
12     Identity, Ostension, and Hypostasis
1     Reply to Hellman
4     On Carnap's Views on Ontology
2     On Mental Entities
29     Two Dogmas of Empiricism
10     Mr Strawson on Logical Theory
5     Three Grades of Modal Involvement
9     Reference and Modality
9     Carnap and Logical Truth
3     The Scope and Language of Science
1     Quantifiers and Propositional Attitudes
29     Word and Object
7     Speaking of Objects
2     On Simple Theories of a Complex World
29     works
7     The Ways of Paradox
1     Reply to Professor Marcus
1     Letters
1     Necessary Truth
1     Set Theory and its Logic
4     Propositional Objects
3     Vagaries of Definition
10     Existence and Quantification
3     Russell's Ontological Development
1     Introduction to Russell's Theory of Types
7     Ontological Relativity
8     Epistemology Naturalized
19     Natural Kinds
25     Philosophy of Logic
4     On Multiplying Entities
5     Five Milestones of Empiricism
4     On the Individuation of Attributes
6     Intensions Revisited
4     On the Nature of Moral Values
1     on Goodman's 'Ways of Worldmaking'
2     Has Philosophy Lost Contact with People?
2     What Price Bivalence?
1     On the Very Idea of a Third Dogma
1     Review of Parsons (1983)
1     Events and Reification
1     The Roots of Reference
2     Structure and Nature
1     From Stimulus to Science
W Quine / J Ullian
1     The Web of Belief
Anthony Quinton
6     The Nature of Things
James Rachels
1     God and Human Attributes
2     No Moral Difference
1     Hymn to Perfect Wisdom
Adolph Rami
6     Essential vs Accidental Properties
15     Introduction: Truth and Truth-Making
Frank P. Ramsey
3     Universals
8     The Foundations of Mathematics
2     Truth and Probability
2     Facts and Propositions
1     Knowledge
2     works
5     Law and Causality
Hastings Rashdall
5     Theory of Good and Evil
John Rawls
1     Justice as fairness: Political not Metaphysical
2     Political Liberalism
1     The Law of Peoples
13     A Theory of Justice
1     The Idea of Overlapping Consensus
6     Introduction to 'Absolute Generality'
Stephen Read
7     Formal and Material Consequence
42     Thinking About Logic
François Recanati
36     Mental Files
8     Mental Files in Flux
E Reck / M Price
18     Structures and Structuralism in Phil of Maths
Hans Reichenbach
1     On Probability and Induction
1     The Theory of Relativity and A Priori Knowledge
Thomas Reid
14     Essays on Intellectual Powers: Memory
2     Essays on Intellectual Powers: Senses
1     Essays on Intellectual Powers: Conception
1     Essays on Intellectual Powers: Abstraction
2     Essays on Active Powers 1: Active power
Marga Reimer
1     The Problem of Empty Names
Karl Leonhard Reinhold
1     Foundations of Philosophical Knowledge
8     Scientific Objectivity
Nicholas Rescher
1     Axioms for the Part Relation
1     Scepticism
1     Process Metaphysics
1     Logical Analysis of Gestalt Concepts
Michael D. Resnik
8     Maths as a Science of Patterns
Georges Rey
60     Contemporary Philosophy of Mind
9     The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction
David van Reybrouck
10     Against Elections
John Richardson
5     Nietzsche's System
Paul Ricoeur
1     works
David Robb
2     Substance
Howard Robinson
26     Perception
T.M. Robinson
1     Classical Cosmology (frags)
Michael della Rocca
1     Essentialists and Essentialism
La Rochefoucauld
8     Maxims
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
1     Resemblance Nominalism: a solution to universals
1     Resemblance Nominalism and Russell's Regress
[Roman law]
1     Roman Law
David Roochnik
16     The Tragedy of Reason
Richard Rorty
15     Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature
1     Brandom on Social Practices and Representations
Gideon Rosen
10     Metaphysical Dependence
8     Abstract Objects
11     The Limits of Contingency
David M. Rosenthal
1     Instrospection
W. David Ross
40     The Right and the Good
Marcus Rossberg
10     First-order Logic, 2nd-order, Completeness
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
43     Discourse on the Origin of Inequality
85     The Social Contract (tr Cress)
2     Emile: treatise on education
1     The Confessions
Carlo Rovelli
14     Reality is Not What it Seems
Mark Rowlands
16     Externalism
David-Hillel Ruben
8     Explaining Explanation
Lynne Rudder Baker
6     Why Constitution is not Identity
Ian Rumfitt
4     "Yes" and "No"
2     Concepts and Counting
2     The Logic of Boundaryless Concepts
11     Logical Necessity
37     The Boundary Stones of Thought
Bertrand Russell
2     Foundations of Geometry
1     Explanations in reply to Mr Bradley
1     The Philosophy of Leibniz
4     Mathematics and the Metaphysicians
4     Letters to Frege
92     The Principles of Mathematics
13     Meinong on Complexes and Assumptions
46     On Denoting
3     Review: Meinong 'Untersuchungen zur..'
2     Difficulties of Transfinite Numbers and Types
7     On the Notion of Cause
13     Political Ideals
3     Vagueness
4     Substitutional Classes and Relations
3     On 'Insolubilia' and their solution
1     Papers of 1906
1     Review: Meinong 'Uber die Stellung...'
12     Regressive Method for Premises in Mathematics
9     Mathematical logic and theory of types
2     On the Nature of Truth and Falsehood
5     The Theory of Logical Types
2     Knowledge by Acquaintance and Description-1
2     On Relations of Universals and Particulars
2     Philosophical Implications of Mathematical logic
87     Problems of Philosophy
4     The Theory of Knowledge
1     Papers of 1913
1     Intro to 2nd ed of Principia Mathematica
5     The Conquest of Happiness
18     The Relation of Sense-Data to Physics
1     On the Nature of Acquaintance
21     Our Knowledge of the External World
9     The Ultimate Constituents of Matter
32     The Philosophy of Logical Atomism
1     Papers of 1918
54     Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
9     On Propositions: What they are, and Meaning
6     The Analysis of Mind
14     Logical Atomism
5     The Analysis of Matter
9     An Outline of Philosophy
15     An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth
5     Human Knowledge: its scope and limits
18     Authority and the Individual
4     Philosophy and Politics
1     Is Mathematics purely Linguistic?
1     Human Society in Ethics and Politics
3     Mr Strawson on Referring
23     My Philosophical Development
B Russell/AN Whitehead
26     Principia Mathematica
Gilbert Ryle
13     Are there propositions?
1     Categories
11     The Concept of Mind
1     works
Rüdiger Safranski
1     Nietzsche: a philosophical biography
Dorion Sagan
1     Cosmic Apprentice
Mark Sainsbury
5     Concepts without Boundaries
6     The Essence of Reference
Wesley Salmon
1     Statistical Explanation
1     Probabilistic Causality
2     Scientific Explanation and the Causal Structure of the World
1     Causality and Explanation
3     Causality: Production and Propagation
1     Causal Connections
20     Four Decades of Scientific Explanation
Nathan Salmon
6     Reference and Essence (1st edn)
27     The Logic of What Might Have Been
2     Reference and Essence: seven appendices
Michael J. Sandel
2     Liberalism and the Limits of Justice
5     Procedural republic and unencumbered self
3     Beyond Individualism
4     The Limits of Communitarianism
19     Justice: What's the right thing to do?
David H. Sanford
2     Causation
George Santayana
1     Platonism and the Spiritual Life
1     The Realm of Matter
1     The Life of Reason
Jean-Paul Sartre
1     Anti-Semite and Jew
1     works
1     The Communists and Peace
21     Transcendence of the Ego
1     Sketch for Theory of Emotions
11     Being and Nothingness
16     Existentialism and Humanism
Sarah Sawyer
5     Empty Names
Thomas M. Scanlon
1     What We Owe to Each Other
Eric R. Scerri
28     The Periodic Table
Jonathan Schaffer
27     The Metaphysics of Causation
8     Causation and Laws of Nature
12     On What Grounds What
2     Deflationary Metaontology of Thomasson
5     Grounding, Transitivity and Contrastivity
Samuel Scheffler
1     The Rejection of Consequentialism
Chistoph Scheibler
1     Metaphysics
Friedrich Schelling
1     Letters to Hegel
4     Outline of a System of the Philosophy of Nature
1     On the Essence of Human Freedom
3     Of Human Freedom
1     The Ages of the World
1     Philosophy of Revelation
Stephen Schiffer
2     Contextualist Solutions to Scepticism
Friedrich Schiller
2     works
Friedrich Schlegel
6     works
Friedrich Schleiermacher
2     works
1     Dialektik
Moritz Schlick
1     Positivism and Realism
Benjamin Schnieder
1     Truth-making without Truth-makers
Jonathan Schofield
1     talk
Moses Schönfinkel
1     Building Blocks of Mathematical Logic
Arthur Schopenhauer
8     Fourfold Root of Princ of Sufficient Reason
6     Abstract of 'The Fourfold Root'
3     On the Basis of Morality
1     On the Freedom of the Will
3     Manuscript remains
43     The World as Will and Idea
24     Parerga and Paralipomena
Laura Schroeter
19     Two-Dimensional Semantics
Gottlob Schulze
1     Aenesidemus
Stephen P. Schwartz
4     Intro to Naming,Necessity and Natural Kinds
Roger Scruton
3     Representation in Music
2     Recent Aesthetics in England and America
4     Short History of Modern Philosophy
2     The Nature of Musical Expression
8     A Dictionary of Political Thought
5     Public Text and Common Reader
5     Upon Nothing: Swansea lecture
29     Modern Philosophy:introduction and survey
33     Animal Rights and Wrongs
11     Beauty: a very short introduction
5     Laughter
John Searle
3     Minds, Brains and Science
5     Proper Names
61     The Rediscovery of the Mind
13     The Mystery of Consciousness
34     Rationality in Action
Gabriel M.A. Segal
18     A Slim Book about Narrow Content
Johanna Seibt
3     Process Philosophy
Wilfrid Sellars
3     Does Emp.Knowledge have Foundation?
1     Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind
2     Philosophy and Scientific Image of Man
Amartya Sen
23     The Idea of Justice
Seneca the Younger
32     Letters from a Stoic
3     On Providence
4     On Anger (Book 3)
9     On the Happy Life
Anil Seth
7     Being You
Sextus Empiricus
5     Against the Logicians (two books)
5     Against the Professors (six books)
37     Outlines of Pyrrhonism
4     Against the Ethicists (one book)
20     Against the Physicists (two books)
2     Against the Mathematicians
3rd Earl of Shaftesbury
7     Inquiry Concerning Virtue or Merit
1     Characteristics
William Shakespeare
2     Julius Caesar
1     Much Ado About Nothing
Scott Shalkowski
1     Ontological Ground of Alethic Modality
6     Essence and Being
Stewart Shapiro
1     Structure and Ontology
50     Foundations without Foundationalism
64     Philosophy of Mathematics
15     Thinking About Mathematics
12     Higher-Order Logic
Sydney Shoemaker
1     Self, Body and Coincidence
2     Personal Identity and Memory
33     Causality and Properties
3     Introspection
10     Causal and Metaphysical Necessity
Andrew Shorten
17     Contemporary Political Theory
Jeffrey H. Sicha
3     Counting and the Natural Numbers
Alan Sidelle
22     Necessity, Essence and Individuation
Theodore Sider
1     Reductive Theories of Modality
45     Logic for Philosophy
49     Writing the Book of the World
29     Four Dimensionalism
Henry Sidgwick
4     The Methods of Ethics (7th edn)
Ori Simchen
4     The Barcan Formula and Metaphysics
Peter Simons
1     Particulars in Particular Clothing
3     Events
2     Modes of Extension: comment on Fine
1     Whitehead: process and cosmology
69     Parts
Peter Singer
2     Marx
Thoralf Skolem
1     works
4     Remarks on axiomatised set theory
J.J.C. Smart
2     Outline of a System of Utilitarianism
12     Explanation - Opening Address
Timothy Smiley
1     Conceptions of Consequence
Adam Smith
2     The Wealth of Nations
1     The Theory of Moral Sentiments
Barry Smith
1     Truth-maker Realism
1     Truth-maker Realism: response to Gregory
Peter Smith
44     Intro to Gödel's Theorems
Scott Soames
6     Significance of the Kripkean Nec A Posteriori
2     Why Propositions Aren't Truth-Supporting Circumstance
9     Philosophy of Language
Elliott Sober
1     Mathematics and Indispensibility
43     reports of career
9     reports of last days
1     reports
Fred Sommers
1     Types and Ontology
9     Intellectual Autobiography
Will Sommers
20     talk
1     Women of Trachis
Richard Sorabji
2     Rationality
Roy Sorensen
20     Vagueness and Contradiction
Ernest Sosa
6     The Raft and the Pyramid
10     Beyond internal Foundations to external Virtues
4     Varieties of Causation
E Sosa / M Tooley
6     Introduction to 'Causation'
Oswald Spengler
1     The Decline of the West
2     thirty titles (lost)
1     fragments/reports
Baruch de Spinoza
2     Letters to Blijenburgh
1     Letters to De Vries
3     Letters to Oldenburg
33     Tractatus Theologico-Politicus
1     Letters to Hugo Boxel
1     Letter to G.H. Schaller
2     Improvement of Understanding
175     The Ethics
Robert C. Stalnaker
2     A Theory of Conditionals
1     Possible Worlds
6     Anti-essentialism
5     Counterparts and Identity
11     Reference and Necessity
8     Conceptual truth and metaphysical necessity
2     Merely Possible Propositions
27     Mere Possibilities
1     works
2     Assertion
Michael Stanford
3     Explanation: the state of play
Daniel Statman
10     Introduction to Virtue Ethics
Mark Steiner
3     Mathematical Explanation
Matthew Stewart
1     The Courtier and the Heretic
Stephen P. Stich
2     The Fragmentation of Reason
1     fragments/reports
Max Stirner
1     The Ego and Its Own
Stoic school
90     fragments/reports
G.F. Stout
1     The Nature of Universals and Propositions
Rowland Stout
34     Action
Galen Strawson
1     The Secret Connexion
Peter F. Strawson
8     On Referring
4     Truth
2     Entity and Identity
6     Individuals:Essay in Descript Metaphysics
Michael Strevens
3     No Understanding without Explanation
Scott Sturgeon
6     Matters of Mind
Francisco Suárez
2     works
16     Disputationes metaphysicae
Lars Svendsen
11     A Philosophy of Boredom
Jonathan Swift
1     Letters to a Young Clergyman
24     Political Philosophy (3rd ed)
Chris Swoyer
19     Properties
4     Abstract Entities
Zoltán Gendler Szabó
4     Nominalism
Tuomas E. Tahko
4     The Epistemology of Essence (draft)
William W. Tait
8     Frege versus Cantor and Dedekind
1     Intro to 'Provenance of Pure Reason'
Jonathan Tallant
8     Metaphysics: an introduction
Alfred Tarski
36     The Concept of Truth for Formalized Languages
4     The Concept of Logical Consequence
7     The Establishment of Scientific Semantics
24     The Semantic Conception of Truth
6     works
2     talk
A.E. Taylor
1     Vindication of Religion (extract)
Charles Taylor
8     Atomism
9     Sources of the Self
Richard Taylor
8     Virtue Ethics: an Introduction
Jenny Teichmann
4     The Mind and the Soul
F.R. Tennant
1     Philosophical Theology
2     works
Paul Thagard
6     Explanatory Coherence
7     Coherence: The Price is Right
5     fragments/reports
Leslie H. Tharp
16     Which Logic is the Right Logic?
1     Chapters on Scepticism
1     On the Senses
1     On Metaphysics (frags)
C.J. Thomae
1     works
Amie L. Thomasson
21     Ordinary Objects
Judith (Jarvis) Thomson
8     A Defense of Abortion
1     Parthood and Identity across Time
1     People and Their Bodies
1     fragments/reports
1     On Sensations (frags)
Alexis de Tocqueville
15     Democracy in America (abr Renshaw)
Franciscus Toletus
1     Commentary on 'De Anima'
Leo Tolstoy
7     What is Art?
Ferdinand Tönnies
1     Community and Association
Michael Tooley
2     Causality: Reductionism versus Realism
9     Causation and Supervenience
Richard Tuck
1     Hobbes
31     This is Political Philosophy
Alan Turing
1     works
2     Computing Machinery and Intelligence
Michael Tye
1     Adverbial Theory
Sara L. Uckelman
1     Dynamic Logics
Miguel de Unamuno
1     The Tragic Sense of Life
Peter Unger
2     There are no ordinary things
3     Ignorance: a Case for Scepticism
J.O. Urmson
1     Philosophical Analysis
Hamid Vahid
9     Externalism/Internalism
Anand Vaidya
1     The Epistemology of Modality
8     Understanding and Essence
Julio Cesare Vanini
1     Amphitheatrum
Achille Varzi
11     Mereology
Oswald Veblen
1     Presidential Address of Am. Math. Soc
Victor Velarde-Mayol
3     On Husserl
Koen Vervloesem
1     Barcan Formulae
Godfrey Vesey
1     Collins Dictionary of Philosophy
Barbara Vetter
33     Potentiality
8     Essence and Potentiality
1     Dispositional Essentialism and the Laws of Nature
Gregory Vlastos
1     Socrates: Ironist and Moral Philosopher
Francois-Marie Voltaire
1     Philosophical Letters from England
Kurt Vonnegut
1     Slaughterhouse Five
Michal Walicki
19     Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Wallace, J
1     On the Frame of Reference
Michael Walzer
3     Spheres of Justice
Mary Anne Warren
1     On the Moral and Legal State of Abortion
Ryan Wasserman
5     Material Constitution
Robin Waterfield
1     Introduction to 'Hippias Minor'
Peter Watson
21     Ideas
11     Convergence
J.B. Watson
1     Behaviorism
Max Weber
2     'Objectivity' in Social Sciences and Social Policy
2     works
1     Economy and Society
6     The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
Michael V. Wedin
3     Aristotle's Theory of Substance
Karl Weierstrass
2     works
Steven Weinberg
1     Lecture on Applicability of Mathematics
Joan Weiner