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I think I truly became a philosopher when I realised that there is no dialogue in philosophy. Plato's dialogues are clearly fakes, with one guy talking most of the time. ...Philosophy as an interdisciplinary project is the ultimate nightmare.

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There is no dialogue in philosophy


Slavoj Zizek (Conversations, with Glyn Daly [2004], 1)

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Zizek,Slavoj: 'Conversations with Zizek (with G.Daly)' [Polity 2004], p.41

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This goes against all my prejudices in favour of teamwork and mutual criticism (e.g. Idea 1576), but I was a bit shaken by it, and have begun to wonder whether I must just face up to the solitary nature of the enterprise.

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Idea 1576 If each of us can give some logos about parts of nature, our combined efforts can be impressive [Aristotle]