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The principle of conservatism in choosing between theories is a maxim of minimal mutilation, stating that of competing theories, all other things being equal, choose the one that violates the fewest background beliefs held.

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The Principle of Conservatism says we should violate the minimum number of background beliefs


Alex Orenstein (W.V. Quine [2002], Ch.2)

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Orenstein,Alex: 'W.V. Quine' [Princeton 2002], p.36

A Reaction

In this sense, all rational people should be conservatives. The idea is a modern variant of Hume's objection to miracles (Idea 2227). A Kuhnian 'paradigm shift' is the dramatic moment when this principle no longer seems appropriate.

Related Idea

Idea 2227 A miracle violates laws which have been established by continuous unchanging experience, so should be ignored [Hume]