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Of all the nominalist solutions, Trope Nominalism is the only one that tries to solve the problem at issue by introducing entities; all the others try to get by with concrete particulars and sets of them. This might invite Ockham's Razor.


'Ockham's Razor' eliminates what is inessential

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Trope Nominalism is the only nominalism to introduce new entities, inviting Ockham's Razor


Cynthia Macdonald (Varieties of Things [2005], Ch.6)

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Macdonald,Cynthia: 'Varieties of Things' [Blackwell 2005], p.236

A Reaction

We could reply that tropes are necessities. The issue seems to be a key one, which is whether our fundamental onotology should include properties (in some form or other). I am inclined to exclude them (Ideas 3322, 3906, 4029).

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