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The argument from analogy makes it impossible to check my inductive inferences because of the privacy of other minds; it also seems irresponsible to generalise from a single case; and it seems like a case of human chauvinism.


'Human chauvinism' is prejudice in favour of the human view of things

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Analogy to other minds is uncheckable, over-confident and chauvinistic


Keith T. Maslin (Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind [2001], 8.2)

Book Reference

Maslin,Keith: 'An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind' [Polity 2001], p.215

A Reaction

Privacy of other minds need not imply scepticism about them. I'm a believer, so I have no trouble checking my theories. Solipsists can't 'check' anything. It isn't 'irresponsible' to generalise from one case if that is all you have.