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Process theories of causation face a serious problem, such as killing a plant by failing to water it - a cause by omission. …Defenders of the theory propose two concepts of causation: one for legal and one for scientific contexts.

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If causes are processes, what is causation by omission? (Distinguish legal from scientific causes?)


Baron,S/Miller,K (Intro to the Philosophy of Time [2019], 6.2.3)

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Baron,S/Miller,K: 'Introduction to the Philosophy of Time' [Polity 2019], p.151

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Not much of a problem, I think. Clearly the scientific concept has priority. The plant died of dehydration, resulting from the consumption and evaporation of the available water. The human causes of that situation are legion.

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Idea 23011 Modern accounts of causation involve either processes or counterfactuals [Baron/Miller]