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If the past really exists, and we are in it, rather than in the present, then we should rationally conclude that we are not experiencing the passage of time. …But then we have no basis for arguing that time is dynamic.

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If we are actually in the past then we shouldn't experience time passing


Baron,S/Miller,K (Intro to the Philosophy of Time [2019], 1.6)

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Baron,S/Miller,K: 'Introduction to the Philosophy of Time' [Polity 2019], p.26

A Reaction

[compressed] It is certainly difficult to conceive how past times and entities could be real in every way, except that the experience of time passing has been removed. But if past people experience passing, they must believe they are present…

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Idea 22991 How can we know this is the present moment, if other times are real? [Baron/Miller]