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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / B. Equalities / 4. Economic equality]

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The introduction of money allows people to accumulate wealth without limit. Since money only works through everyone's agreement …everyone can be taken to have agreed to the consequences of money in the unequal distribution of wealth.

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Money allows unlimited inequalities, and we obviously all agree to money


John Charvet (Liberalism: the basics [2019], 11)

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Charvet,John: 'Liberalism: the basics' [Routledge 2019], p.145

A Reaction

[Locke] Presumably large inequalities of possessions and territory were possible before money, but there was at least an upper limit. The current owner of Amazon may end up with more wealth than the whole of the rest of humanity combined.

Related Idea

Idea 22798 Money is the best way to achieve just equality [Hegel]