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Polytheism gave birth to monotheism, and to dualistic religions. Dualism explains that the entire universe is a battleground between good and evil forces, and everything that happens is part of that struggle.

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Dualist religions see everything as a battleground of good and evil forces


Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens: brief history of humankind [2014], 12 'Battle')

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Harari,Yuval Noah: 'Sapiens: a brief history of Humankind' [Vintage 2014], p.245

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Presumably we are supposed to support the good guys, so the gods are not equals. God v Satan seems the right model, but Satan has to be beyond God's control, or else the problem of evil has to be solved. Empedocles held something like this.

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Idea 552 Empedocles said good and evil were the basic principles [Empedocles, by Aristotle]