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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / E. Policies / 1. War / b. Justice in war]

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Classical just war theory during a war: force must be proportional; only legitimate targets; avoid prohibited weapons; safety for prisoners of war; no reprisals.

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During wars: proportional force, fair targets, fair weapons, safe prisoners, no reprisals


Tuckness,A/Wolf,C (This is Political Philosophy [2017], 9 'In the conduct')

Book Reference

Tuckness,A / Wolf,C: 'This is Political Philosophy' [Wiley Blackwell 2017], p.168

A Reaction

What of massacre if a besieged city refuses to surrender? It was commonplace, and sometimes the only way to achieve victory. What if the enemy breaks all the rules? Nice rules though. At the heart of civilisation.

Related Idea

Idea 20615 Just wars: resist aggression, done on just cause, proportionate, last resort, not futile, legal [Tuckness/Wolf]