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[catalogued under 24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 5. Democracy / b. Consultation]

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A major question for democracy is how are the contributions of different people aggregated into a collective decision? Must votes have equal weight and consideration, or is it permissible for different people's votes to count differently?

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How should democratic votes be aggregated? Can some person's votes count for more?


Tuckness,A/Wolf,C (This is Political Philosophy [2017], 5 'What is')

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Tuckness,A / Wolf,C: 'This is Political Philosophy' [Wiley Blackwell 2017], p.108

A Reaction

Mill hoped that wise and knowledgeable people would have a strong influence over the others, but we have recently moved into the post-truth era, where we are swamped by bogus facts. Does that strengthen the case for elite voting?

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