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[catalogued under 24. Political Theory / A. Basis of a State / 4. Original Position / b. Veil of ignorance]

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The veil of ignorance ensures that the original position is fair, but it also guarantees that agreement will be unanimous (which would be impossible if each person insisted that justice should match her own conception).

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The veil of ignorance ensures both fairness and unanimity


Tuckness,A/Wolf,C (This is Political Philosophy [2017], 4 'Original')

Book Reference

Tuckness,A / Wolf,C: 'This is Political Philosophy' [Wiley Blackwell 2017], p.85

A Reaction

Not clear about this. If I choose very cautiously, but others choose very riskily, and they win, why I should I fall in with their unanimity? That can only be if we agree to be unanimous in backing the result. Like a democratic election?