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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / A. Freedoms / 5. Freedom of lifestyle]

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Maybe freedom is a triadic relation, involving an agent, freedom from a contraint, and in order to act towards some goal.

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Maybe a freedom is from a restraint, and also in order to do something


Adam Swift (Political Philosophy (3rd ed) [2014], 2 'Two')

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Swift,Adam: 'Political Philosophy (3rd edn)' [Polity 2014], p.59

A Reaction

[He cites Gerald MacCallum for this thought] The point is that this makes freedom both negative and positive, contrary to Isaiah Berlin's claim. But on the first day of the school holidays you are 'free', with nothing in particular in mind.

Related Idea

Idea 20544 Berlin distinguishes 'negative' and 'positive' liberty, and rejects the latter [Berlin, by Swift]