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[catalogued under 24. Political Theory / C. Ruling a State / 2. Leaders / c. Despotism]

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Even if a dictator wants to advance the interests of the people, how are those interests to be known? In a democracy people show their interests, it seems, by voting: they vote for what they want.

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How can dictators advance the interests of the people, if they don't consult them about interests?


Jonathan Wolff (An Introduction to Political Philosophy (Rev) [2006], 3 'Knowledge')

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Wolff,Jonathan: 'An Introduction to Political Philosophy (Rev)' [OUP 2006], p.71

A Reaction

I suppose a wise and kind despot could observe very carefully, and understand the interests of the people better than they do themselves. Indeed, I very much doubt, in 2017, whether the people know what is good for them.