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We need to distinguish between individual and collective rationality. Collective rationality is what is best for each individual, on the assumption that everyone else will act the same way.

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Collective rationality is individuals doing their best, assuming others all do the same


Jonathan Wolff (An Introduction to Political Philosophy (Rev) [2006], 1 'Hobbes')

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Wolff,Jonathan: 'An Introduction to Political Philosophy (Rev)' [OUP 2006], p.15

A Reaction

Wolff is surmising what lies behind Hobbes's Laws of Nature (which concern collective rationality). The Prisoner's Dilemma is the dramatisation of this distinction. I would making the teaching of the distinction compulsory in schools.

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Idea 20498 We should decide whether voting is for self-interests, or for the common good [Wolff,J]