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Ever since Kant, to think science as a philosopher has been to claim that science harbours a meaning other than the one delivered by science itself.

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Since Kant, philosophers have claimed to understand science better than scientists do


Quentin Meillassoux (After Finitude; the necessity of contingency [2006], 5)

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Meillassoux: 'After Finitude: the necessity of contingency', ed/tr. Brassier,R [Bloomsbury 2008], p.119

A Reaction

The point is that science discovered objectivity (via the mathematising of nature), and Kant utterly rejected objectivity, by enmeshing the human mind in every possible scientific claim. This makes Meillassoux and I very cross.

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Idea 19674 The Copernican Revolution decentres the Earth, but also decentres thinking from reality [Meillassoux]