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[catalogued under 4. Formal Logic / E. Nonclassical Logics / 7. Paraconsistency]

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Paraconsistent logics are only ever dealing with contradictions inherent in statements about the world, never with the real contradictions in the world.

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Paraconsistent logic is about statements, not about contradictions in reality


Quentin Meillassoux (After Finitude; the necessity of contingency [2006], 3)

Book Reference

Meillassoux: 'After Finitude: the necessity of contingency', ed/tr. Brassier,R [Bloomsbury 2008], p.79

A Reaction

Thank goodness for that! I can accept that someone in a doorway is both in the room and not in the room, but not that they are existing in a real state of contradiction. I fear that a few daft people embrace the logic as confirming contradictory reality.