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[catalogued under 11. Knowledge Aims / C. Knowing Reality / 3. Idealism / b. Transcendental idealism]

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What distinguishes transcendental idealism from speculative idealism is the fact that the former does not posit the existence of the transcendental subject apart from its bodily individuation.

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Unlike speculative idealism, transcendental idealism assumes the mind is embodied


Quentin Meillassoux (After Finitude; the necessity of contingency [2006], 1)

Book Reference

Meillassoux: 'After Finitude: the necessity of contingency', ed/tr. Brassier,R [Bloomsbury 2008], p.25

A Reaction

These modern French philosophers explain things so much more clearly than the English! The 'speculative' version is seen in Berkeley. On p.17 he says transcendental idealism is 'civilised', and speculative idealism is 'uncouth'.