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[catalogued under 13. Knowledge Criteria / A. Justification Problems / 3. Internal or External / c. Disjunctivism]

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Metaphysical disjunctivists hold that veridical perceptual experiences are not essentially the same as the experiences involved in corresponding cases involving illusion and (especially) hallucination.

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Metaphysical disjunctivism says normal perceptions and hallucinations are different experiences


Duncan Pritchard (Epistemological Disjunctivism [2012], 1.4)

Book Reference

Pritchard,Duncan: 'Epistemological Disjunctivism' [OUP 2012], p.23

A Reaction

Metaphysical disjunctivism concerns what the experiences are; epistemological justification concerns the criteria of justification. I think. I wish Pritchard would spell things out more clearly. Indeed, I wish all philosophers would.

Related Idea

Idea 19496 Disjunctivism says perceptual justification must be both factual and known by the agent [Pritchard,D]