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[catalogued under 3. Truth / F. Semantic Truth / 1. Tarski's Truth / a. Tarski's truth definition]

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Disquotationalism is more like a telephone directory than a theory.

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Disquotationalism resembles a telephone directory


Cheryl Misak (Pragmatism and Deflationism [2007], 2 n7)

Book Reference

'New Pragmatists', ed/tr. Misak,Cheryl [OUP 2009], p.72

A Reaction

[She cites Wilfred Sellars 1962:33] The idea is that there is a schema - 'p' is true iff p - and that all the acceptable sentences of a language can be expressed in this way, making a vast but finite list. It seems to replace 'theories'.

Related Idea

Idea 19138 Tarski define truths by giving the extension of the predicate, rather than the meaning [Davidson on Tarski]