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For pragmatists there is an unseverable connection between making an assertion and claiming that it is true. ...Were we to get to a belief that is forever assertible...then we would have a true belief. There is nothing higher or better we could ask of it.

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For pragmatists the loftiest idea of truth is just a feature of what remains forever assertible


Cheryl Misak (Pragmatism and Deflationism [2007], 1)

Book Reference

'New Pragmatists', ed/tr. Misak,Cheryl [OUP 2009], p.69

A Reaction

She is particularly drawing on Peirce. She says his 'ideal end of enquiry' idea is a small aspect of his view of truth, which is mainly given here. I had taken the pragmatic view of truth to be silly, but I may rethink.