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I think truthmaker theory is contingently true. [n24] If there could have been nothing, what makes that true? But if truthmaker maximalism is a necessary truth, there's necessarily something.

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If maximalism is necessary, then that nothing exists has a truthmaker, which it can't have


Ross P. Cameron (Truthmaking for Presentists [2011], 4 n24)

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'Oxford Studies in Metaphysics Vol.6', ed/tr. Zimmerman,D/Bennett,K [OUP 2011], p.75

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Truthmaking is beginning to feel like Gödel's Theorems. You can 'make' lots and lots of truths ('prove' in Gödel), but there will be truths that elude the making. Truthmaker theory itself will be one example. So is Maximalism another one?

Related Idea

Idea 18931 Determinate truths don't need extra truthmakers, just truthmakers that are themselves determinate [Cameron]