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[catalogued under 8. Modes of Existence / B. Properties / 3. Types of Properties]

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Spatial distribution properties say how things are across a region of space, such as being polka-dotted.

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Being polka-dotted is a 'spatial distribution' property


Ross P. Cameron (Truthmaking for Presentists [2011], 3)

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'Oxford Studies in Metaphysics Vol.6', ed/tr. Zimmerman,D/Bennett,K [OUP 2011], p.64

A Reaction

I think the routine fallacy of inferring properties from predicates is buried here. We truthfully describe it as 'polka-dotted', but that doesn't mean we must reify polka-dottedness, and see it as a feature of the world. What is a 'jumbled' space?

Related Idea

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