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Realism about a discourse is 1) to think that the sentences are, when construed literally, literally true or false, and 2) to think that some of the sentences of the discourse are non-vacuously true.

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Realism says a discourse is true or false, and some of it is true


Ross P. Cameron (Truthmakers, Realism and Ontology [2008], 'Realism')

Book Reference

'Being: Developments in Contemporary Metaphysics', ed/tr. Le Poidevin,R [CUP 2008], p.117

A Reaction

[Cameron adds 'non-vacuously' to an idea of Sayre-McCord 199 p.5] This is realism based on what is 'true', without specifying 'commitments', so I like it. Cameron says it makes mathematical postulationists into realists. He likes 'mind-independent'.

Related Idea

Idea 18878 Realism says truths rest on mind-independent reality; truthmaking theories are about which features [Cameron]