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[catalogued under 20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 3. Acting on Reason / c. Reasons as causes]

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Many have suggested alternative roles or sorts of reasons, which are not mandatory. Dancy says some reasons are 'enticing' rather than peremptory; Raz makes options 'eligible' rather than required; Gert says they justify rather than require action.

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Rather than requiring an action, a reason may 'entice' us, or be 'eligible', or 'justify' it


Francesco Orsi (Value Theory [2015], 6.4)

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Orsi,Francesco: 'Value Theory' [Bloomsbury 2015], p.108

A Reaction

The third option is immediately attractive - but then it would only justify the action because it was a good reason, which would need explaining. 'Enticing' captures the psychology in a nice vague way.