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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / B. Value / 2. Values / a. Normativity]

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Version one of the normative view of values is the Fitting Attitude account, which says that 'x is good' means 'it is fitting to respond favourably to (or 'favour') x'.

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Values can be normative in the Fitting Attitude account, where 'good' means fitting favouring


Francesco Orsi (Value Theory [2015], 1.4)

Book Reference

Orsi,Francesco: 'Value Theory' [Bloomsbury 2015], p.10

A Reaction

Brentano is mentioned. Orsi favours this view. The rival normative view is Scanlon's [1998:95-8] Buck-Passing account, in Idea 18670. I am interested in building a defence of the Buck-Passing account, which seems to suit a naturalistic realist like me.

Related Idea

Idea 18670 The Buck-Passing view of normative values says other properties are reasons for the value [Orsi]