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[catalogued under 3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 12. Rejecting Truthmakers]

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When supporters of truth-making talk of 'something' which makes a sentence true, they make the assumption that it is an objectual quantifier in name position.

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Truthmaker talk of 'something' making sentences true, which presupposes objectual quantification


Fraser MacBride (Truthmakers [2013], 3.8)

Book Reference

'Stanford Online Encyclopaedia of Philosophy', ed/tr. Stanford University [], p.27

A Reaction

We might say, more concisely, that they are 'reifying' the something. This makes it sound as if Armstrong and Bigelow have made a mistake, but that are simply asserting that this particular quantification is indeed objectual.

Related Idea

Idea 18492 Not all quantification is either objectual or substitutional [Williamson]