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In a 'teepee' argument, a number of argumentative planks intersupport each other. No plank is sufficiently strong to establish the position, but each lends credibility to the others because there is the appearance of a unified phenomenon.

Gist of Idea

A 'teepee' argument has several mutually supporting planks to it


Cappelen,H/Dever,Josh (The Inessential Indexical [2013], 01.5)

Book Reference

Cappelen,H/Dever,J: 'The Inessential Indexical' [OUP 2013], p.14

A Reaction

To attack it, they say, you have to identify the separate planks of the argument. It is a moot point whether the teepee might be so imprecise that it is better described as 'coherence'. There is a background support, as well as the planks.