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[catalogued under 2. Reason / F. Fallacies / 8. Category Mistake / d. Category mistake as pragmatic]

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The most promising way to characterise the presuppositions involved in category mistakes might be to rephrase them in modal terms ('x is able to be pregnant', 'x is able to be green').

Gist of Idea

Maybe the presuppositions of category mistakes are the abilities of things?


Ofra Magidor (Category Mistakes [2013], 5.4.3)

Book Reference

Magidor,Ofra: 'Category Mistakes' [OUP 2013], p.146

A Reaction

This catches my attention because it suggests that category mistakes contradict dispositions, rather than contradicting classifications or types. 'Let's use a magnet to repel this iron'? The dispositions of 'two' and 'green' in 'two is green'? Hm