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Rather than proving the value of prediction, the development and acceptance of the periodic table may give us a powerful illustration of the importance of accommodation, that is, the ability of a new scientific theory to explain already known facts.

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The periodic table suggests accommodation to facts rates above prediction


Eric R. Scerri (The Periodic Table [2007], 05 'Intro')

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Scerri,Eric R.: 'The Periodic Table' [OUP 2007], p.124

A Reaction

The original table made famous predictions, but also just as many wrong ones (Scerri:143), and Scerri thinks this aspect has been overrated.

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Idea 16856 It is more impressive that relativity predicted Mercury's orbit than if it had accommodated it [Lipton]

Idea 16857 Predictions are best for finding explanations, because mere accommodations can be fudged [Lipton]