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[catalogued under 6. Mathematics / A. Nature of Mathematics / 5. The Infinite / f. Uncountable infinities]

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The symbol 'aleph-nought' denotes the cardinal number of the set of natural numbers. The symbol 'aleph-one' denotes the next larger cardinal number. 'Aleph-omega' denotes the omega-th cardinal number.


'omega' is ω (can't do alephs!). Aleph comes from the Hebrew alphabet

Gist of Idea

'Aleph-0' is cardinality of the naturals, 'aleph-1' the next cardinal, 'aleph-ω' the ω-th cardinal


Shaughan Lavine (Understanding the Infinite [1994], III.3)

Book Reference

Lavine,Shaughan: 'Understanding the Infinite' [Harvard 1994], p.50