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Holism inherits all the difficulties associated with the term 'sum' and adds one of its own, when it says a whole is 'more than' the sum of its parts. This seems to say it has something extra? Is this something extra a part?

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If something is 'more than' the sum of its parts, is the extra thing another part, or not?


Verity Harte (Plato on Parts and Wholes [2002], 1.1)

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Harte,Verity: 'Plato on Parts and Wholes' [OUP 2002], p.11

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[compressed] Most people take the claim that a thing is more than the sum of its parts as metaphorical, I would think (except perhaps emergentists about the mind, and they are wrong).

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Idea 15838 The problem with the term 'sum' is that it is singular [Harte,V]

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