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For a term to be rigid, it is said there must be real transworld identity prior to our use of the rigid term, ..but this may only be because we have conventional principles for individuating across worlds. 'Let's call him Fred' - perhaps explicitly rigid.

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A thing doesn't need transworld identity prior to rigid reference - that could be a convention of the reference


Alan Sidelle (Necessity, Essence and Individuation [1989], Ch.3)

Book Reference

Sidelle,Alan: 'Necessity, Essence and Individuation' [Cornell 1989], p.65

A Reaction

This seems right. An example might be a comic book character, who retains a perfect identity in all the comics, with no scars, weight change, or ageing.

Related Idea

Idea 12138 Identity across possible worlds is prior to rigid designation [Brody]