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In a proper demonstrative argument, the middle term must be explanatory of the conclusion, in a very specific sense: the middle term must state what properly belongs to the definition of the kind of phenomenon in question.


The 'middle term' is the transitional term in a syllogism

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In a demonstration the middle term explains, by being part of the definition


Kathrin Koslicki (Essence, Necessity and Explanation [2012], 13.3.1)

Book Reference

'Contemporary Aristotelian Metaphysics', ed/tr. Tahko,Tuomas [CUP 2012], p.199

A Reaction

So 'All men are mortal, S is a man, so S is mortal'. The middle term is 'man', which gives a generic explanation for why S is mortal. Explanation as categorisation? I don't think this is the whole story of Aristotelian explanation.