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Demonstration encompasses more than deductive entailment, in that the explanatory order of priority represented in a successful demonstration must mirror precisely the causal order of priority present in the phenomena in question.

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In demonstration, the explanatory order must mirror the causal order of the phenomena


Kathrin Koslicki (Essence, Necessity and Explanation [2012], 13.1)

Book Reference

'Contemporary Aristotelian Metaphysics', ed/tr. Tahko,Tuomas [CUP 2012], p.189

A Reaction

She is referring to Aristotle's 'Posterior Analytics'. Put so clearly this sounds like an incredibly useful concept in discussing how we present good modern scientific explanations. Reinstating Aristotle is a major priority for philosophy!

Related Idea

Idea 15116 Essences cause necessary features, and definitions describe those necessary features [Koslicki]