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The uniformity of nature principle, if it means absolute regularity, is simply false; not everyone who smokes gets cancer, not all bread nourishes. Nature is not strictly uniform, even if some things tend to be the case.

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Nature is not completely uniform, and some regular causes sometimes fail to produce their effects


S.Mumford/R.Lill Anjum (Getting Causes from Powers [2011], 6.6)

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Anjum,R.J./Mumford,S.: 'Getting Causes from Powers' [OUP 2011], p.142

A Reaction

Something wrong here. The examples are high-level and complex. When someone survives smoking, or bread fails to nourish, we don't infer a disruption of uniform nature, we infer some other uniformity that has intervened. Are there natural kinds?

Related Idea

Idea 14571 The only full uniformities in nature occur from the essences of fundamental things [Mumford/Anjum]