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A nomothetic explanation appeals to laws where the explanandum is shown to be an instance of a general law. ...The alternative is a structural explanation, which postulates a mechanism, opening up a hidden world.


The 'explanandum' is the thing to be explained

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Nomothetic explanations cite laws, and structural explanations cite mechanisms


Stephen Mumford (Dispositions [1998], 06.4)

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Mumford,Stephen: 'Dispositions' [OUP 1998], p.130

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[He cites E.McMullin 1978] I am very much in favour of structural explanations, and opposed to nomothetic ones. That is, nomothetic accounts are only the first step towards an explanation - perhaps a mere identification of the explanandum.

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Idea 14320 Subatomic particles may terminate explanation, if they lack structure [Mumford]