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[catalogued under 4. Formal Logic / F. Set Theory ST / 3. Types of Set / b. Empty (Null) Set]

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The empty set is usually derived via Zermelo's axiom of separation. But the axiom of separation is conditional: it requires the existence of a set in order to generate others as subsets of it. The original set has to come from the axiom of infinity.

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The empty set is usually derived from Separation, but it also seems to need Infinity


Oliver,A/Smiley,T (What are Sets and What are they For? [2006], 1.2)

Book Reference

'Metaphysics (Philosophical Perspectives 20)', ed/tr. Hawthorne,John [Blackwell 2006], p.127

A Reaction

They charge that this leads to circularity, as Infinity depends on the empty set.

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