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[catalogued under 27. Natural Reality / D. Time / 2. Passage of Time / d. Time series]

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Objects in the B-series are earlier than, later than, or simultaneous with each other, whereas objects in the A-series are earlier than, later than or simultaneous with the present.

Gist of Idea

B-series objects relate to each other; A-series objects relate to the present


Craig Bourne (A Future for Presentism [2006], Intro IIb)

Book Reference

Bourne,Craig: 'A Future for Presentism' [OUP 2006], p.8

A Reaction

Must we choose? Two past events relate to each other, but there is a further relation when 'now' falls between the events. If I must choose, I suppose I go for the A-series view. The B-series is a subsequent feat of imagination. McTaggart agreed.