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Theories of time are in two broad categories, the tenseless and the tensed theories. In tenseless theories, all times are equally real, as are all objects located at them, and there is no passage of time from future to present to past. It's the B-series.

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Time is tensed or tenseless; the latter says all times and objects are real, and there is no passage of time


Craig Bourne (A Future for Presentism [2006], Intro IIa)

Book Reference

Bourne,Craig: 'A Future for Presentism' [OUP 2006], p.3

A Reaction

It might solve a few of the problems, but is highly counterintuitive. Presumably it makes the passage of time an illusion, and gives no account of how events 'happen', or of their direction, and it leaves causation out on a limb. I'm afraid not.