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[catalogued under 5. Theory of Logic / J. Model Theory in Logic / 1. Logical Models]

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The three foundations of first-order model theory are the Completeness theorem, the Compactness theorem, and the L÷wenheim-Skolem-Tarski theorem.

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First-order model theory rests on completeness, compactness, and the L÷wenheim-Skolem-Tarski theorem


Robert S. Wolf (A Tour through Mathematical Logic [2005], 5.3)

Book Reference

Wolf,Robert S.: 'A Tour Through Mathematical Logic' [Carus Maths Monographs 2005], p.172

A Reaction

On p.180 he notes that Compactness and LST make no mention of |- and are purely semantic, where Completeness shows the equivalence of |- and |=. All three fail for second-order logic (p.223).