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[catalogued under 4. Formal Logic / E. Nonclassical Logics / 5. Relevant Logic]

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Relevant consequence says the conclusion of a relevantly invalid argument is not 'carried in' the premises - it does not follow from the premises.

Gist of Idea

Relevant consequence says invalidity is the conclusion not being 'in' the premises


JC Beall / G Restall (Logical Pluralism [2006], 5.3.3)

Book Reference

Beall,J/Restall,G: 'Logical Pluralism' [OUP 2006], p.55

A Reaction

I find this appealing. It need not invalidate classical logic. It is just a tougher criterion which is introduced when you want to do 'proper' reasoning, instead of just playing games with formal systems.