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[catalogued under 7. Existence / B. Change in Existence / 3. Moments]

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Moving disturbances are a special and interesting kind of continuant: moments which continuously change their fundaments.

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Moving disturbances are are moments which continuously change their basis


Peter Simons (Parts [1987], 8.5)

Book Reference

Simons,Peter: 'Parts: a Study in Ontology' [OUP 1987], p.308

A Reaction

[a smile is a moment, and the face its fundament] I'm thinking he's got this wrong. Compare Idea 12882. Disturbances can't be continuants, because the passing of time is essential to them, but not to a continuant.

Related Idea

Idea 12882 A wave is maintained by a process, but it isn't a process [Simons]