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[catalogued under 7. Existence / B. Change in Existence / 1. Nature of Change]

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It is a mistake to call bogus Cambridge changes 'relational changes', since there are real relational changes, such as the changes in the relative positions and distances of several bodies.


'Cambridge changes' are when a remote and irrelevant change occurs

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There are real relational changes, as well as bogus 'Cambridge changes'


Peter Simons (Parts [1987], 4.1)

Book Reference

Simons,Peter: 'Parts: a Study in Ontology' [OUP 1987], p.136

A Reaction

I'm not sure how you distinguish the two. If we swap seats, that is a real change. If everyone moves away from where I am sitting, is that real or Cambridge? If I notice, I might be upset, but suppose I don't notice? Nothing about me changes.