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[catalogued under 18. Thought / D. Concepts / 4. Structure of Concepts / d. Concepts as prototypes]

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In the prototype theory of concepts, a lexical concept has probabilistic structure in that something falls under it if it satisfies a sufficient number of properties encoded by the constituents. It originates in Wittgenstein's 'family resemblance'.

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The prototype theory is probabilistic, picking something out if it has sufficient of the properties


E Margolis/S Laurence (Concepts [2009], 2.2)

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'Stanford Online Encyclopaedia of Philosophy', ed/tr. Stanford University [], p.8

A Reaction

It would seem unlikely to be a matter of the 'number' of properties, and would have to involve some notion of what was essential to the prototype.

Related Idea

Idea 4141 Various games have a 'family resemblance', as their similarities overlap and criss-cross [Wittgenstein]