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If all properties are distributive, plural reference is just a handy abbreviation to avoid repetition (as in 'A and B are hungry', to avoid 'A is hungry and B is hungry'), but not all properties are distributive (as in 'some people surround a table').


See Idea 10634 for 'distributive'

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Plural reference is just an abbreviation when properties are distributive, but not otherwise


Keith Hossack (Plurals and Complexes [2000], 2)

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-: 'British Soc for the Philosophy of Science' [-], p.415

A Reaction

The characteristic examples to support plural quantification involve collective activity and relations, which might be weeded out of our basic ontology, thus leaving singular quantification as sufficient.

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Idea 10634 Predicates are 'distributive' or 'non-distributive'; do individuals do what the group does? [Linnebo]