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[catalogued under 7. Existence / C. Structure of Existence / 7. Abstract/Concrete / b. Levels of abstraction]

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The domain of the abstract can be seen as exemplifying a hierarchical structure, with differences of level reflecting the number of steps of abstraction, via appropriate equivalence relations, required for recognition at different levels.

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There is a hierarchy of abstraction, based on steps taken by equivalence relations


Bob Hale (Abstract Objects [1987], Ch.3.III)

Book Reference

Hale,Bob: 'Abstract Objects' [Blackwell 1987], p.61

A Reaction

I think this is right, and so does almost everyone else, since people cheerfully talk of 'somewhat' abstract and 'highly' abstract. Don't dream of a neat picture though. You might reach a level by two steps from one direction, and four from another.